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11 Halloween marketing tactics



11 Halloween marketing tactics Featured Image

Halloween email marketing examples and best practice

Halloween marketing is all about creativity; dressing up, decorating, and getting the face paint out. And creativity is what’s going to help you stand out in the inbox. 

1. Trick or treat?

It’s a classic for a reason. The traditional trick-or-treat greeting is a quick win to get readers engaged. Adding a gamification element – a spin-to-win or virtual scratch card – will inspire action and conversions.  

Pull & Bear email example

2. Embrace the dark side

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to stick to black and orange color palettes with pumpkins and cartoon ghosts. Get classy with your design by embracing the darker side of Halloween. Think moody imagery and gothic romance.  

3. Build the suspense

Suspense can be built using urgency and urgency inspires action. Tap into the FOMO effect using clocks and sale deadlines. Use your email copy to urge customers into action and outline the benefits they’ll be missing if they don’t act today.

Legacybox email example Halloween sale

4. Avoid cliches

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of cheese as much as anyone, but too many cliches will cause you to blend into the crowd. Avoid overusing play-on-words like “boo-tiful” and “spooktacular”.

5. Personalize the trick (or treat)

Email personalization is essential for creating an engaged database. Therefore, personalization should be a key priority in your email strategy from January through to December, not just during the holidays. And that doesn’t just mean using the first name, either. You should include numerous relevant points such as references to location, preferences, or a loyalty scheme.

Starbucks Halloween loyalty email

6. Inspire as well as convert

Your connection to Halloween might not be as simple as selling Halloween-themed goods but a little bit of creativity can inspire action. Including tutorials, recipes, and DIY tips and tricks can get your audience involved in the holiday and with your brand.

Sees candies Halloween example

7. Everyone loves a Halloween freebie

Consumers are like trick-or-treaters – they want free stuff. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial or super-lux. You can mask an everyday promotion under the guise of a spooky special offer.  

Teami blends Halloween Freebie


8. Get in there early

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up? Nowadays adults are embarrassed to admit how much they love Halloween. Capitalize on the excitement by starting your Halloween email marketing campaigns early. Send out sneak peeks and inspirational content at the beginning of the month to get excitement building.

9. Halloween-ify your products

Anything can be Halloween-y; even a motorcycle. Make sure you bring your products to the forefront. Halloween is a great opportunity to present your offering in a different and more visually creative way.

Harley Davidson Halloween email exa

10. Get people in-store

The best thing about email marketing is that it’s the perfect complement to your other marketing channels. You can use your Halloween campaign to drive people to your physical stores. Offer a freebie or special discount to anyone who turns up in costume to really get people involved in the holiday.

DavidsTea Halloween in-store drive

11. Get creepy with it

It’s Halloween and everybody is open to a little scare. Get hearts beating faster by adding creepiness to your email marketing template. That will certainly help you stand out in the crowded inbox.  

Attitude clothing email marketing example

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