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14 Link Tracking Tools for 2022 [Free Tools Included]



14 Link Tracking Tools for 2022 [Free Tools Included]

A reliable link tracking tool could be that missing tool that you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level. While it’s pretty straightforward, when used right it’s a powerful tool that will tell you where your traffic comes from and, more importantly, which traffic source brings in the most paying customers. 

If it’s all new to you, link trackers basically track the total number of clicks a link gets. Depending on the tool that you pick, you can also get access to a wealth of other info that will help you to understand your audience better. 

To put it more directly, without a link tracking tool, how will you know if your marketing efforts are paying off? 

Here are 14 of the best link tracking solutions that you can check out. And, if you haven’t budgeted for one this year, continue reading as some of them are also free.

14 Link Tracking Tools for 2022 [Free Tools Included]:

14 of the Best Link Tracking Tools

Trusted by big brands like ESPN, The New York TImes, and Disney, is one of the top free marketing tools that you can use to shorten links via its domain. In addition to link shortening, you can also use it to track and optimize your digital initiatives. 

It has a unified dashboard so that you can track the journeys of your customers on each channel conveniently. With the help of the real-time data it collects and shares, you can really get to know your customers much better which will help you to create more relevant content for future campaigns. What’s more, you can also track engagement metrics on organic shares (in other words, links that other users create that direct to your content). 

If you want to use a custom domain name, you’ll need to sign up for one of its paid plans. Pricing starts at only $29 per month when billed annually, making it a cost-effective solution. Though, if you need to view the performance of your links for more than 30 days, you’ll need to sign up for its Premium plan that will set you back $199 per month (but if you opt for monthly billing it jumps to $300 per month). 

Key features:

Snapt is a URL shortener that’s trusted by nearly 2,000 users. With the help of the short links that it creates, you can collect loads of data about your audience and their behavior. This info can be very helpful for improving the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and boosting conversions. From the amount of clicks to referrers’ country of origin, you can virtually track everything. You can also, for instance, add a pixel so that you can use retargeting in your social media marketing campaigns.

Another useful feature that deserves special mention is its overlay tool. You can use it to display a discreet notification on the target destination to promote a special offer or communicate another important message.

One downside, though, is that currently they’re approving links manually. So, you’ll first need to wait for the link to be approved, before you can start to use it. 

Key features:

  • Integrates with Zapier and Slack
  • Retargeting
  • Privacy control
  • Powerful dashboard with an easy-to-use profile builder
  • Statistics


Founded in 2014, ClickMagick is one of the best affiliate management software solutions and more than simply a tool for link tracking. You can also use it to track and optimize sales funnels. With the help of “first-party cookies” and industry-standard UTMs, you can measure your whole sales funnel without redirects or tracking links. 

Thanks to its advanced attribution modeling, you’ll get a much better idea of which users actually convert. Also, its GEO and mobile targeting feature is useful if you want to send visitors to custom landing pages depending on their type of device or location. This will help you to boost your conversions immediately.

Another handy feature if you’re advertising on Facebook is its Audience Optimization™. In short, it sends the actual conversion data to Facebook so that they’ll have more accurate data in real time.  

After its free 14-day trial, pricing starts at $37 per month. Though, for access to its cross-device tracking feature which is pretty useful, you’ll need to sign up for its Standard Plan that costs $77 per month. 


Just like ClickMagick, Voluum can help you to streamline your affiliate campaign management. With it, you can track, optimize, and automate your marketing campaigns.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer display ads over email marketing because Voluum lets you track all types of online ads. What’s more, you can keep track of more than 30 metrics about different visits and clicks in real time.  

It also recently introduced a new feature called Automizer. This feature enables you to connect Voluum with your traffic sources by means of API. What makes this feature valuable is that you use it to create auto-rules and pause/activate your campaigns. For example, if you find that a keyword didn’t get any conversions in the last 24 hours, you can create a rule to pause this particular keyword. Alternatively, you can choose to pause an entire campaign if you find that the ROI is too low. You can also create alerts that will keep you informed about how your links are performing so that you don’t have to be stuck behind your computer.

One drawback, however, is that it’s more expensive than other link tracking tools. Pricing starts at $89 per month, but if you opt to be billed yearly you can knock it down to $69 per month. 

Key features:

  • Integration with 40+ traffic sources including Facebook and Google Ads
  • An anti-fraud kit
  • Organic traffic tracking
  • Real-time reporting



Founded in 2012, ClickMeter is one of the best URL shorteners and is used by 100,000+ businesses of all sizes that include the likes of Payoneer, iStockphoto, and L’Oréal. Their goal is to help marketing teams stay on top of their marketing links and improve their conversion rates. Via a single platform, marketers can keep track of metrics like views, clicks, and conversions, monitor broken links, and optimize their links. 

If you’ll be using it as an agency, it’s ideal for monitoring the marketing campaigns of your clients. With the data, you’ll have a much better understanding of how the different marketing campaigns are performing. You can also share the results with your clients in real time. 

It’s also a great tool for affiliates. You can use it to identify clicks that come from real visitors and recognize multiple clicks to reduce fraud.

Pricing starts at $29 per month. For click fraud protection and white label reports, you’ll need to sign up for its Large Plan that costs $99 per month. 

Key features:

  • Real-time reports
  • Split-test optimizer
  • Vanity links
  • Retargeting


If you’re in search of a free basic tool, you can check out TinyURL. It offers free ad-supported shortening for individual users and basic monitoring and analytics to help you keep track of your link history. 

As you’ll be able to monitor the clicks that links receive, you’ll grow to understand your target audience a lot better. Metrics that you can measure include who clicked on a custom link, from where they clicked and which type of device they used. All the aggregated metrics will be displayed in its dashboard. 

Whether you’re a marketer, owner of a small business, or an influencer, TinyURL is a popular choice for many across the globe. While it does offer a free plan, for only $10 per month you can sign up for its Pro plan. One of the biggest benefits of opting for one of its paid plans is that your click history will then be kept for as long as two years.  

Key features:

  • QR codes
  • Customized reports
  • Branded links


Improvely is trusted and loved by well-known names like Twitch and UNICEF. You can use it to track, test, and optimize digital marketing campaigns as well as detect fraud. 

One of its features that deserve a special mention is its customer profiles. Its software will automatically create profiles for each website visitor that list all their past visits and conversions. This way you’ll find out more about when they converted, their lifetime value, and location helping you to identify your most valuable customers. 

Improvely will also show you where your conversions came from which enables you to adjust your budget so that you target the channels that deliver the best results. If you would like to find out more about where you’re losing potential sales, you can check out the funnel reports that identify the paths users take. 

After a free 14-day trial, pricing starts at $29 per month. 

Key features:

  • A/B split testing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Email notifications of new conversions
  • Funnel reports  


LinkTrackr boasts thousands of users and a proven track record of 10 years. It offers real-time conversion data for all your sales or your sales funnel. It’s primary goal is to make it easier for its users to track their sales or leads back to the very first click. Whether it’s a banner ad or an individual email ad or a link on your business website, it makes it straightforward to identify the source of the conversion.

One useful feature that deserves a special mention is its ROI and profitability reports. If a conversion occurs, its reports will show you how much you paid to get that conversion and your return on investment. 

Pricing starts at only $17 per month and if you select to be billed annually you can save as much as 57%. Plus, this generous discount will be locked in for life. This means that if you decide to change your plan later, you’ll still pay less. Even if you don’t sign up for the annual billing, it’s still one of the most affordable link tracking software solutions on the market. 

Key features:

  • A/B split testing
  • Efficient bot filtering
  • Pixel tracking
  • PPC tracking


Founded in 2017, RedTrack is one of the newer link tracking tools. While they might have only been around for a few years, they’ve already received a number of awards and recognition for their usability and support. 

They specifically focus on media buyers. With the help of advanced technology and human help, they aim to simplify the process of consolidating and reporting data. 

With regards to their link tracking feature specifically, it lets you track as many as one million clicks from only $49 per month. It offers insights into each step of the funnel. From simply finding out when the link was clicked to how much was the cost and profit, it offers loads of info that will help you to get to know and understand your audience better. 

Just like ClickMagick, it’s a good choice if you rely a lot on Facebook. With its Facebook ad tracking feature, you can track and attribute conversions via Facebook. By means of its Conversion API, accurate data will be sent back to Facebook so that your campaigns can be refined further. 

Key features: 

  • Built-in click fraud check
  • Conversion tracking
  • Affiliate tracking


Rebrandly is one of the best tools for social media management and boasts a five-star rating on both Capterra and TrustPilot. With over half a million customers that include brands like Volvo, Heineken, and IBM, it tracks billions of clicks each month.

For individual users, it offers a Free plan. With this option, you can track up to 5,000 clicks each month (additional clicks will be billed separately). You can also use this plan to create branded links (up to 500). 

Though, for custom reports, it quickly becomes very expensive and will set you back $499 per month. Also, somewhat disappointing is that its broken links management feature is only available in its Enterprise plan (a feature which many other tools include in its cheaper plans). 

Key features:

  • More than 100 integrations with tools and platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • UTM builder
  • Links with emojis
  • QR codes

Pretty Links

If you’re searching for an affiliate marketing program to grow your affiliate revenue, you can check out Pretty Links. It’s an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that you can use to shorten your links (aka create pretty links that people would want to click on). While it’s mainly a link shortener, you can also use it to cloak and track your links.

Two useful features that deserve special mention are its brandable bar (aka PrettyBar) and the ability to use a link as tracking pixels to monitor conversions. With the unique PrettyBar feature, you can add a brandable bar at the top of a link to remind users of your brand’s name.

Pricing starts at $79 per year. 

Key features:

  • A keyword replacement feature
  • Auto rotating links
  • Split testing
  • Detailed click reporting
  • Robot filtering
  • QR codes


If you can look past its outdated website, ClixTrac is another possible link tracking tool that you can check out. That said, seeing that it’s free, unattractive web design is probably not the end of the world. 

In short, it’s a banner and link tracking service. You can use it to monitor how many times your links and ads on your site or other sites have been viewed and clicked on. Whether it’s a text ad or an image ad, you can use it to get data about the number of impressions and clicks, click-through rate, and the referral page from where the click came from. 

Key features:

  • Link shortening
  • Banner ad tracking


DSLinker is another free basic tool that you can check out. It’s created by David Sandy, an internet entrepreneur.

In short, you can use it to shorten and track URLs. It also offers complete analytics for individual links that include geography, URL referrers, and browser type. 


T2M (short for Text to Marketing) is a link management platform developed by a Canadian software company, Zesle. It’s primarily created for businesses, survey agencies, and universities. While it’s pretty basic, one feature that deserves a special mention is that it includes advanced graphs for the top 10 browsers, platforms, referring sites, clicks by device, and clicks by country.

It offers a free basic plan. To take advantage of this plan, all you need to do is pay a one-time fee of $5. For more advanced features, you’ll need to sign up for one of its paid plans that start at only $10 per month (or a yearly fee of only $90). 

Key features include:

  • Printable QR codes
  • Branded custom domains
  • Reporting 


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