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15 Instagram Tips to Optimize Your Profile



15 Instagram Tips to Optimize Your Profile

The best ‘gram hacks for 2022 and beyond.

Growing accounts live by these tips.

They use them to make unfair amounts of money even in 2022 when engagement is low. And guess what?

Growth is still possible for you, too.

1. Take up space on timelines.

It’s easy to click “Instagram Post” in Canva and start creating.

Make one slight change before you edit. It’s a simple tweak. Customize your dimensions to 1080 x 1350. This difference — allows your post to occupy the user’s *full* screen. So, they don’t get distracted by the content before or after your post.

2. Your posts aren’t complete without a call to action.

Invite your audience to show up for you.

3. Be a supporter, not your own cheerleader.

People see right through orchestrated engagement tactics. Like engagement pods, using your clients accounts, or hiring bots. They notice the same accounts, leaving comments on all your feed posts.

It sparks questions.

If you want engagement, start the chain of kindness. Share meaningful replies on the posts of others.

4. Avoid saying you need xxx amount of followers.

You need to be consistent on Instagram.

Taking action gets you closer to the results you want. Marketing your offer alongside free value also helps you achieve your goals.

5. Avoid learning from huge, early adopter accounts.

How to identify such profiles?

  • vague bio
  • emoji or song lyric captions
  • not using hashtags
  • not using new content forms
  • post only single photos
  • large follower count but poor engagement

They use old strategies because they sit on thousands of followers. Learn from fast-growing social brands. You’ll see the best Instagram strategies in their post formats and designs.

6. Be the person you needed as a beginner.

Try not to speak in absolutes.

Make people’s dreams feel possible.

Give people hope their vision can happen despite their struggle.

People don’t run to bullies.

They support people and strangers who they like, know, and trust.

7. You are more likely to get if you give before asking.

Everybody is a skeptic. “Will it work for me?”

Unless you’re selling a mystery box, most buyers want to know what they’ll get. Forget the freebie hoarders.

Make sneak peeks and samples for your ideal customers.

8. Avoid selling offers. Market a social proof or transformations.

  • You’re not the queen of reel templates. You’re the queen of reels. And you often achieve xx to xxx virality with one post.
  • You’re more than the creator of an affiliate marketing course. You created a successful, 6-figure affiliate marketing program with 6,938 students.

9. Promotional posts get less love. Create them anyway.

Your business needs sales to keep you out of a corporate office.

But if low engagement is too discouraging, try this.

Post your usual content. Then, add a long caption to create an emotional connection. Or give value before asking for the sale.

10. Use intentional headlines

People don’t like to feel they’ve wasted their time.

Everyone saves (or shares) content that makes them feel good.

If you use clickbait and do not deliver, your account will not grow.

11. You don’t have to be the best.

Everyone lurks online.

Lurkers check for your posts. They get disappointed when you don’t show up. And learn to accept and love other creators.

A community starts with one.

Show up for the person who is there for you.

12. Be like Netflix

Netflix doesn’t tease us with ‘coming soon’ banners.


They design trailers for viewers to know next month’s show releases.

If you’re a new account doing a launch, complete your page. Add a descriptive bio, nine niche relevant posts, and a profile picture. Keep posting every day until you launch.

13. Stop hoping for hashtags to save you.

Collaborate with industry leaders.

And optimize your profile name.

Rather than write back your username, write a shortened version and your skill area. “Steve | Logo Maker.”

14. Repost with credit.

It’s easy.

Post or schedule the content as is, and include the owner’s username above your hashtags.

By Instagram’s standards, you are to ask for written permission.

If the content owner reports you to Instagram, the repost will get taken down. And there will also be a strike against your profile.

15. Monetize yourself

If you can’t get brands to sponsor you as a nano-influencer, create and market products and services.

You earn plus keep more of said money when in business with yourself.

Test a simple ask to see how many users tap your bio link.

Then, sell your knowledge in a course or e-book. You can also consider selling merch through Shopify, Redbubble, Big Cartel, or Esty.

Thank you for reading!

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