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20 Top PPC Management Software Solutions for 2022



20 Top PPC Management Software Solutions for 2022

There are many moving parts to PPC advertising. From keywords to bid adjustments, it requires non-stop monitoring. A task too big for us mere mortals. 

Luckily, there’s a number of reputable PPC management software solutions that can help you to keep track of your paid search marketing campaigns and improve your ad spend. Some of these tools focus on a single function like preventing click fraud while others can basically automate the whole process for you. 

Whether you’re a PPC agency that needs help with managing your clients’ data or a business owner who doesn’t necessarily need to leave everything related to your PPC campaigns to an agency, you’ll find the solution for your needs in our list. Plus, many of these tools can also help with other types of digital marketing like SEO.

20 Top PPC Management Software Solutions for 2022:

20 of the Top PPC Management Tools


Based in London, Opteo is trusted and loved by thousands of marketing agencies and businesses including the likes of Etsy, Dropbox, and Spotify. They describe their software solution as a complete toolkit for Google Ads agencies and managers. It will continuously keep track of your Google Ads accounts and when it picks up a significant change it will share a recommendation for how you can improve your current campaign. In fact, there are over 40 different improvement types that it can share. These smart suggestions can be pushed live to Google Ads in a matter of seconds. 

If you’re working as part of a bigger marketing team, it also lets you share in-depth performance graphs. In short, it offers all the tools you need to make sense of how your Google Ads are performing. 

Key features include:

  • Google Ads reports
  • Split testing of ad creative
  • Spelling mistakes detection
  • Behavior metrics
  • Budgeting tools
  • Slack integration

Pricing: Pricing starts at $99 per month and requires a minimum spend of $50,000 per month. 

If you don’t meet Opteo’s ad spend, you can check out Optymzr. It offers Optymzr Lite for brands with an ad spend of less than $10,000. It’s been designed for PPC account managers, analysts, and strategists and is the PPC software that steers Volvo in the right direction. 

While they were officially founded in 2013, their team has been involved in PPC since the late 90s. Unlike some of the other solutions on our list, Optymzr doesn’t just focus on Google Ads. In addition to Google Ads, you can also use it to manage Facebook Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Ads. It also supports a number of ad formats including search ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads. 

Key features include:

  • One-click optimizations
  • Budget optimization
  • Bid management
  • Slack integration
  • Scheduled reports

Pricing: Subscriptions start at $249 per month, but if you opt to be billed annually you can get two months for free.  

Formerly called Kenshoo, Skai is a self-serve tech platform that can help brands create an unbiased, holistic optimization strategy for paid search and paid social. With the help of its actionable insights and predictive strategies, brands can take advantage of machine learning to plan, forecast, and optimize budgets automatically. 

For example, for Tinuiti, one of the top CRO agencies, they helped to control their spend by means of their proprietary tool, Budget Navigator. The results – an overall revenue increase of 15%. 

Key services include:

  • Dynamic budgeting
  • Campaign mirroring
  • Custom metrics
  • A/B testing at scale
  • Direct API integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat

Pricing: Their pricing is based on an annual licensing fee and a percentage of ad spend. For more info regarding the pricing, you need to complete a form on their website. 

WordStream started as a keyword research tool but grew to a full suite of advertising solutions and services. With regards to PPC management specifically, you can check out their award-winning Google Ads and  Facebook Ads Graders. 

Their Google Ads Performance Grader is a free tool that can help you to understand how your campaigns are performing with the help of a proprietary grading algorithm. It will give you an overall score and individual scores in 10 important areas such as wasted spend, click-through rate (CTR), and landing page optimization.

The Facebook Ads Performance Grader is also free. It’s aimed specifically at agencies and small businesses to help them identify misused opportunities. 


Acquisio is aimed at digital agencies and brand marketers who need help with display, search, and social advertising. Initially, it was launched as a digital marketing agency, but has expanded to a proprietary suite of tools to integrate Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics. You can also use it to import, manage, optimize, and report on Instagram and Facebook. 

You can, for example, use it to optimize smarter with the help of their machine learning. This will help you to maximize your monthly budget and ultimately boost your ROI. 

Key features include:

  • KPI builder that identifies underperforming accounts
  • Search query keyword expansion tool
  • Report templates
  • Round-the-clock bid and budget management

Pricing: For more info about their tailored pricing solutions, you can reach out to their sales team. 

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is one of the top eCommerce tools for businesses and startups. With it, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google becomes a whole lot easier. 

One of its features that deserve a special mention is its automatic page post promotion. This feature lets you boost organic posts based on the parameters set by you. Then, with the help of its solid reporting tools, you can get detailed insights into your posts’ performance. 

Another useful feature is its automatic optimization. This feature will improve your ads automatically by studying all your ads and pausing the ones that cost the most and reallocating the ad budget to the ads that perform the best instead. 

Key features include:

  • Split testing across Facebook, Google, and Instagram
  • Grid composer
  • Automated PDF reporting

Pricing: Pricing starts at $49 per month and requires an ad spend of $1,000 per month.  

MarinOne is a customizable, enter-price software solution. According to their website, their clients usually enjoy about a 30% lift thanks to increased volume and better efficiency. Their powerful platform operates across multiple channels including paid social and paid search. 

With regards to paid social specifically, its cross-channel dashboard gives you visibility into how your campaigns are performing across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, with the help of MarinOne Insights, you can automatically identify opportunities to increase your revenue while decreasing your costs.

If you focus mostly on paid search, it supports all major Google Ads formats. Plus, just like with paid social, it also offers a single interface that lets you measure, manage, and optimize all your paid search programs across other platforms like Yandex and Microsoft.  

Key features include:

  • Bulk upload tool
  • Full-funnel bidding
  • Message Booster for Instagram

Pricing: For pricing information, you’ll need to reach out to them. 

For help specifically with Google Ads, you can also check out BlueWinston. It’s an automated tool for creating Smart Shopping campaigns and text product ads for Google and product ads displayed on YouTube, Google Search, Google Display, and Gmail. 

They’re one of the top-ranked PPC management software solutions on Capterra and are used by PPC agencies as well as individual users across the globe for product advertising. While they only support Google campaigns at this stage, according to their website they’re planning to expand their functions to Yandex and Bing too. 

With regards to what you can expect, according to their website users can look forward to an increase in ROI by as much as 500% and a boost in click-through rate of up to 20%. It can also help to reduce the cost per conversion by almost a third.

Key services include:

  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Automatic ad creation for product groups
  • Automatic keyword generation
  • Automated text ads builder
  • 24/7 support

Pricing: Their pricing works a bit differently and is based on the total number of products instead of the ad spend. For example, for 1,000 products, you’re looking at spending €59 per month. Though, if you opt to be billed quarterly instead, you can save a generous 34%. 

If you specifically need help with click fraud, you can check out Clixtell. According to their website, as much as 25% of clicks can be defined as click fraud.

In short, it can help to secure your PPC budget by blocking attempts to attack your Bing Ads and Google Ads campaigns. It will also offer an in-depth customized report that you can share with Google and Bing to prove invalid clicks and get a full refund. 

Key features include:

  • Round-the-clock click fraud detection
  • Click-to-call ads tracking and recording
  • Custom analytics and reporting

Pricing: Pricing starts at $15 per month for up to 5,000 ad clicks. 


Trusted by big brands like Rip Curl, Madgicx is an AI-backed, comprehensive advertising platform that helps you to optimize ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. You basically just need to share your KPIs and targets and its algorithms will optimize your accounts round the clock. As the minimum ad spend is only $1,000, it’s a good contender for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups.

It also made Capterra’s 2021 shortlist for PPC software. This shortlist was created by analyzing 130 products and comparing the highest-rated and most popular products. In fact, it was one of the highest scoring products in both user ratings and popularity. 

Key features include:

  • Budget optimization
  • Bid optimization
  • A/B testing tools
  • Predictive analytics
  • Audience segmentation

Pricing: The estimated monthly fee for a monthly ad spend of up to $1,000 is only $49. 

Regular readers of Influencer Marketing Hub would know that we often write about Semrush. All in all, it’s just a solid all-in-one digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Not only is it one of the top SEO tools, but it’s also great for PPC. With regards to paid advertising and PPC specifically, they offer seven tools in total. 

With its paid marketing tool, you can analyze what your competitors are up to by getting insight into which keywords they’re bidding on. It’s also useful for conducting keyword research. It’s Keyword Magic Tool lets you access the biggest keyword database which you can use to identify question keywords and related phrases and terms. 

Two other tools that deserve special mention are its Keyword Manager and Keyword Gap. With the Keyword Manager, you can complete a deep analysis of as many as 1,000 keywords at a time. The Keyword Gap tool, on the other hand, is useful for spotting common paid keywords that your competitors are using. 

Key features include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • PPC keyword research

Pricing: Pricing starts at $119.95 per month, but if you pay annually you can save as much as 17%. 

If ad spend is a concern, you can check out ProfitMetrics. It’s a profit optimization tool that’s aimed at marketing managers, digital agencies, and business owners.

According to their website, their users have saved as much as 60% on their Facebook and Google ad spend and increased their profit on ad spend by as much as 80% in some instances. In short, they offer a plug-and-play tool for accessing real-time profit data into Facebook and Google. Equipped with this information, you’ll know which ads aren’t rendering a profit allowing you to stop these and shift your focus to those that are more profitable. 

Pricing: Similarly to BlueWinston, their pricing is based on total monthly orders and not ad spend. For example, for one website that gets up to 1,000 monthly orders, you’re looking at about $137 per month. 

Trusted and loved by brands like NordVPN, ClickGUARD is another click fraud prevention tool that you can check out. In total, they’ve helped their clients to save $50 million from click fraud by investigating billions of clicks. 

It’s very easy to get started. All you need to do is create a ClickGUARD account and link it to your Google Ads. Then, with the help of real-time monitoring of incoming traffic, their software will be able to keep track of the source and monitor post-click behavior against typical fraud patterns. If it determines that it’s a bad click, it will block the source automatically to protect your Google Ads campaign.  

Key features include:

  • Various types of forensic reports
  • Refund claims documents

Pricing: Pricing starts at $74 per month, but if you sign up for its annual plan you can save as much as 20%. 

If you specifically need help with budgeting, you can try EDEE. It’s a digital marketing budget management platform that integrates with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to help you with spending too little or too much. It can, for example, create custom budget cycles, keep tabs on rollover amounts, and automatically pause campaigns. That said, considering that the minimum monthly ad spend is more than $20,000, it’s probably not something that small businesses have budgeted for. 

Key features include:

  • Overspend control
  • Monthly and custom budget cycles
  • Budget pacing reporting

Pricing: Pricing starts at $79 per month for a minimum monthly ad spend of $25,000.


With AdRoll, tracking your results becomes easy. You’ll get insights about all your campaigns and see the holistic picture of your impact across different channels including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. You can, for instance, use it to identify the top conversion paths across campaigns. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly act on the data to improve your results by changing your spending accordingly. 

Not only does it have a free Starter plan, but it doesn’t matter if your ad spend is as little as $150 per month. It will grow with your business. 

Pricing: If you’ve outgrown the Free plan, pricing starts from as little as $25 per month (and includes a free 30-day trial). 

As its name suggests, AgencyAnalytics focuses on analytics. It offers automated client reporting to marketing agencies. You can use it to create a customizable dashboard so that you can view all your clients’ data conveniently via one place. 

Thanks to its drag-and-drop report builder, it’s easy to use and you can design the reports according to your preferences. You can, for example, add your logo or color scheme and impress your clients further with your degree of professionalism. 

If you also rely on email marketing and SEO (which you obviously should), it’s a great tool for accessing all the data via a unified, easy-to-use interface. 

Key features include:

  • More than 60 marketing integrations
  • White-labeled branding
  • Suite of SEO tools

Pricing: Pricing starts at only $10 per month per client campaign. 

Fiuiti is an all-in-one solution that can help you to optimize your Google Ads campaigns. It offers a SKAG generator tool that you can use to build campaigns in Google Ads faster. Other useful features include a keyword planner and a keyword mixer. If you’re not entirely sure if this is the tool for you, it lets you generate your first report for free.

Key features include:

  • Keyword planner
  • Campaign builder
  • Ads and extension generator
  • Keyword mixer

Pricing: Pricing starts at $65 per month.  

Adzooma approaches digital marketing holistically. While its PPC platform is at its core, users have commented how it’s much more than just a PPC tool. To date, they’ve optimized more than a $1 billion in ad spend, generated 130+ impressions, and achieved nearly 200 million conversions. 

Everything starts with your business score. Armed with better insight into where you need to pay more attention to help your business grow, the second step is to use its easy-to-use campaign builder to create new online marketing campaigns. After you’ve created your campaigns, it will monitor the performance of your campaigns and share free reports with actionable recommendations.

Key features include:

  • Optimization of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook paid ads
  • PPC performance reports
  • Google Analytics integration

Pricing: If offers a Free plan, but for access to features like bid adjustments and advanced SEO insights, you’ll need to sign up for its Plus plan that costs £69 per month. 

For help specifically with Amazon PPC, you can check out RevenueWize. It offers an Amazon campaign monitor that will help you to boost sales and reduce wasted spend. In fact, according to their website, they’ve helped their customers to increase their sales by as much as 25%. 

It can also help you with keywords. With the help of its Amazon Keyword Tool, you’ll be able to uncover new terms without creating duplicates.

Key features include:

  • Powerful reporting
  • Bid recommendations
  • Ad spend analysis
  • Actionable insights
  • Placements optimization

Pricing: Pricing starts at $119 per month. 


Similarly to EDEE, Shape’s focus is on PPC budget management. It will help to avoid overspending or underspending and eliminate the need to adjust your PPC budget manually. 

One of its main advantages is that it integrates with all the main channels. So, if you want to expand your focus to platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, this tool can come in handy. 

Key features include:

  • Overspend protection
  • Budget recommendations

Pricing: Pricing starts at about $299 per month.  

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