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3D Apartment Uses AR to Help People Decorate and Find Apartments



3D Apartment Uses AR to Help People Decorate and Find Apartments

3D Apartment aims to take some of the pain out of apartment hunting and interior decorating by using VR and AR technology to help people find homes and decor.

The 3D Apartment platform lets home hunters take virtual tours of apartments and apply for residence digitally from any location. It also offers a variety of AR features that aim to help people design their new space.

For instance, the platform allows people to digitally measure their furniture to ensure pieces will fit in their new home. People can also scan their own furniture and place items into the digital space to see how they look.

3D Apartment also serves as a home decor marketplace that lets shoppers browse a catalog of furniture and items and view them in augmented reality before making a purchase.

Gregory Ardbelava, CEO of 3D Apartment, said, “ is not only transforming how people search for properties but also how they envision and experience them. By integrating AR and VR into every listing, we’re setting a new standard for property search.”

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