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5 Ways to Upgrade to Eco-friendly Ecommerce



5 Ways to Upgrade to Eco-friendly Ecommerce

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Eco-friendly buying options are increasingly important to consumers.

Meta Foresight (formerly Facebook IQ, a research firm) reports that post-2020 U.S. consumers are 1.3 times more likely to pay premium prices for sustainable products. So it makes sense for businesses to get up to speed with the green revolution.

Here are five ways to add sustainability to your ecommerce company.

Eco-friendly Ecommerce

1. Rethink returns. For businesses, returns are time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. But an efficient returns policy is a fundamental consumer choice influencer. Handle returns effectively, and you’re more likely to retain customers.

But implementing an eco-friendly returns policy is challenging. Here are three strategies to consider.

  • Don’t make it too easy to return goods. Offering refunds on items but not on postage is often enough to dissuade buyers from initiating returns.
  • Offer omnichannel return choices. Urge customers to drop off returns at a local company. Utilizing convenient return hubs will reduce your company’s carbon footprint while providing customers an alternative.
  • Improve product descriptions. Accurate product descriptions help reduce returns. State dimensions, weight, colors, and other relevant details. Publish a frequently-asked-questions section, and amend product descriptions based on common consumer queries.

2. Use only essential packaging. Governments worldwide are implementing strict packaging regulations. Simple changes to your packaging methods will satisfy those rules, address customer preferences, and lessen the environmental impact.

Cut down on single-use packaging and plastic bubble wrap. Instead, use shredded cardboard for internal packing. Ensure that boxes are tightly packed, and test string as an alternative to plastic packing tape.

3. Evaluate vendor choices. Purchase recycled or recyclable goods whenever possible. (Recycled packaging materials are cheaper and more abundant than single-use packaging.)…

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