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6 Mother’s Day email marketing campaigns to learn from



Happy Mother's Day envelope

Loyalty rewards

Hotel chocolat mother's day vip

In this email, exclusively for ‘VIP’ members, which is Hotel Chocolat’s loyalty scheme, Hotel Chocolat have partnered with the brand thortful, who send greetings cards designed by independent creators. By partnering with thortful, Hotel Chocolat are offering something different to their VIP members. By offering something they don’t sell, it feels more valuable than a discount code or free gift, it is truly tangible for the customer.

Partnerships like this can work great for both parties, in this case, utilizing a holiday such as Mother’s Day which is synonymous with sending a greetings card is a fantastic pairing which adds value and makes those VIP members feel appreciated. The two brands aren’t in competition as they sell different products, but their products compliment each other – it’s the perfect partnership.

The campaign also showcases some products, a spend and save offer, and gives the option to opt out of future Mother’s Day emails. It’s got it all.

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