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7 Effective B2B Link Building Strategies for SEO



7 Effective B2B Link Building Strategies for SEO

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Whether it’s a B2C or B2B website, one of the common challenges for marketers is to rank higher on search result pages for relevant keywords or queries that prospects search for. The higher your website ranks, the more visibility your brand gains and thus more traffic and sales. 

Now, you’re not alone who wants your site to rank higher for relevant keywords – there are your known competitors in the industry and maybe thousands of other websites competing for the exact keywords you want to rank for.

So, how can you win your desired position on search results? There are tons of SEO strategies that you can leverage to boost your website ranking

However, Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies that B2B marketers can implement to rank higher and drive more traffic to the website.

In this blog, I will share some of the proven link building strategies that you can use to grow your website. Before that, let me first tell you what Link building is and why it is essential for B2B marketing.

What is Link building?

Do you know that Google considers multiple ranking factors to rank a page on search result pages? 

Well, there are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines use in the ranking, and some of the ranking factors are as follows –

  1. Backlinks
  2. Content Freshness
  3. Page speed
  4. HTTPS
  5. Mobile-friendliness
  6. User experience
  7. Content accuracy

Among all, backlinks are arguably the most critical ranking factor for Google, i.e., the more links to your website from relevant and authority sites, the higher your page will rank. 

Now, the process of getting more and more quality backlinks from other websites to your own is what we call Link-building, and Link building strategies enable you to track and attract high-quality inbound links to your websites.

Advantages of link-building in B2B Marketing?

In B2B, link-building is not just a means to acquire new links to your website but also to build authority and establish…

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