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9 Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Image Ads



9 Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Image Ads

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The life of a B2B marketer is full of decisions.

Start using first-party data now, or wait until Google gets rid of third-party cookies in 2023? 

Outsource design or beg your in-house team to move your projects up their to-do lists? 

Spend extra on that *premium* swag, or stick with pens and mugs?

Use image or video ads on Facebook and LinkedIn?

That last question is common among B2B marketers—do they look toward the future (video) or stick with what they know (image)?  

The answer to the “old-vs-new” conundrum may surprise you. 

Despite video’s popularity among consumers and advertisers, image ads aren’t relinquishing the spotlight. In fact, they’re still shining—and our state of B2B social media advertising report proves that. 

Keep reading to learn more about when image ads still make sense—and when video ads do—and best practices to ensure they break through the noise.

Image ads vs. video ads 

The growth of CTV, OTT and video-first platforms like TikTok is pushing all-things video to unprecedented heights.  

Advertisers are responding by opening their wallets more than ever— video ad spending is expected to surpass $180b this year and $318.8b by 2027. 

Google anything related to digital advertising in 2022 (and beyond) or talk to any B2B marketer, and you’ll get nothing but love for video.

So, why the heck are marketers still asking this question? 

Because both video and image ads shine in different situations.

When do video ads make sense?

The inherent nature of video ads and their core purpose positions them differently than image ads.

While image ads aim to push people off the platforms, video ads attempt to do the opposite.

Think about it: What do you want someone to do with your video ad? 

Watch it. 

To do that, they have to stay on the platform, making video ads ideal if you’re trying to build brand or product awareness.

The ability to…

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