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90 Days To LinkedIn Marketing Success, Ep #73



90 Days To LinkedIn Marketing Success, Ep #73

Is LinkedIn a mystery to you? How does an everyday marketer win prospects and actually generate revenue for their company (yes, you heard that right – GENERATE REVENUE)? Our friend Sarah Scudder is back to help us understand how the marketing team of your firm can utilize LinkedIn to do more for the bottom line. Sarah’s current role is Chief Marketing Officer at SourceDay and she practices what she preaches when it comes to LinkedIn Marketing. On this episode, you’ll learn why strategic and consistent LinkedIn activity will be a significantly lower customer acquisition cost than paying a sales rep or BDR to drive inbound leads. And you’ll learn how you can use LinkedIn to produce the right content, get it in front of the right people, and be top-of-mind for others when it’s time to buy.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:03] Sarah’s back on the show to talk about leveraging LinkedIn for Marketing
  • [2:41] Top tips for this episode: spend time on LinkedIn daily
  • [6:12] Personalize your LinkedIn posts for better results
  • [9:58 ] How to get more people to view your content on LinkedIn
  • [18:25] What’s a proper balance between personal promotion and other stuff?
  • [24:41] How to enable marketing to generate revenue within 90 days
  • [29:04] Develop a great plan to encourage LinkedIn activity for your company

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #1: Spend time on LinkedIn every single day

If you take a moment to look over Sarah’s LinkedIn activity you’ll see that she posts interesting, valuable content daily. She says this is vital for becoming top-of-mind for those you’re trying to influence.

Regarding daily posting, block out time for it because it’s that important. But, what should you post? Valuable content relating to your industry, your role in it, and what your prospects and ideal customers need to know to solve their problems.

Prioritize writing interesting, valuable posts 3 times per week (and tag)

When you post on LinkedIn the temptation may be to post in a formal, business-like manner. After all, it’s LinkedIn. But Sarah says that is a mistake for most marketers. Why? Because you’re trying to get the attention of people, not robots. You want to make your posts personal, human, relatable. So forget the corporate-speak. Humanize things, include personal notes, and connect those anecdotes to your topics and industry. This enables the people you’re trying to influence to relate to you.

And when you include photos and videos with your posts, include pictures of you. This may seem a bit egotistical but Sarah says it’s part of gaining trust. People want to know who you are and when you are able to show them that you are just like them (human) they begin to feel an affinity with you that creates a connection. And you don’t have to take Sarah’s word for it that this personal approach is better. Run your own little experiment: Post in this personal style for a short set time, then compare your results to your other, more corporate posts. You’ll see the difference.

Sarah goes on to describe how she uses tagging and other LinkedIn tools to gain attention for her posts, so be sure you listen.

LinkedIn LIVE is a powerful way to make new connections and attract prospects

LinkedIn LIVE is a great way to get in front of the people who need what you know and what you do. The platform is not available to everyone so make sure you apply to have your account activated for the tool. Like Facebook LIVE, your followers are notified every time you go live. And LIVE sessions can be scheduled, allowing you time to promote throughout your network.

When it comes to running LinkedIn LIVE shows, some very interesting things tend to go on behind the scenes while you’re presenting. While people are watching your presentation, they often look at your LinkedIn profile, scroll through your other content, and usually follow you. You’ve just passively gained a new targeted prospect simply through providing great content in an easily-digestible form. Listen to the episode to get more details on how LinkedIn LIVE can amplify your marketing efforts.

Results from LinkedIn activity should happen within 90 days, if not, reevaluate

Can you think of any marketing platform that generates results within 90 days? Sarah says that it’s not only possible, it’s likely if you do what she teaches. That’s because LinkedIn is optimized to connect you to people who are interested in the topics you discuss and the industry you service, you just need to know how to use it well. What kind of results should you expect within 90 days?

Sarah says she receives at least one inquiry about her company’s services each week, simply as a result of what she shares on LinkedIn. Think that through: 90 days from not knowing anything about you to reaching out to find out more about your services. That’s powerful marketing! But besides lead and revenue generation, there are additional results:

  • Sarah landed her current role at SourceDay through her LinkedIn use activity
  • She has met incredible influencers in her industry through LinkedIn
  • She has even gained speaking opportunities because of her activity on LinkedIn

Join Kayla and Sarah for this insightful, practical conversation and learn how to turn your LinkedIn activity into a revenue generating machine.

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