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A Simple and Verified Way to Get More Views on Quora



A Simple and Verified Way to Get More Views on Quora

I went from 0 to 404.1k views on Quora with this strategy.

Quora is the biggest question and answer platform on the web.

It is among the top 100 websites in the world, with over 600 million monthly visitors, according to Similarweb. It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Quora’s power is in its simplicity.

Upon registration, you can post your questions, answer someone else’s questions, create themed spaces (groups), and reach users worldwide with your content.

Quora is a place to hear random and expert opinions on many topics. You can post on Quora personally or anonymously and get help from people worldwide.

For business, it’s a strategic place to increase brand awareness and find new potential customers. Have a look at these attractive stats by demandsage:

  • Over 35% of Quora users are from the USA. It’s a massive opportunity to reach almost a third of Americans.
  • More than 65% of Quora users are highly educated. It implies that the majority have jobs and financial means to make purchasing decisions.
  • 99% of Quora questions get answers. It shows that people do spend time on the platform to support others.
  • An average user spends roughly 3 minutes on Quora per visit. It’s twice more than on Medium.

So, if you want to reach the USA audience on a budget, Quora is your low-hanging fruit!

As a marketer and website owner, I’ve used Quora to attract users to my SEO writing and side hustles website.

I’ve worked on my website for six months to reach this traffic milestone — over 1000 monthly users. It’s challenging because most niches and topics are already saturated. However, I’ve been using proven strategies to create content that hits Google’s front page.

Likely, Quora helps to reach hundreds of users even with a single answer.

Look at my Google Analytics stats from January and February 2022 below. Despite dealing with many personal issues, I aimed at publishing one post on Quora daily.

515 user sessions or over 26% of my website traffic came from Quora.

My quora stats for Feb-Jan 2022

I used to answer marketing-related questions regardless of their publish date and author. Despite sharing valuable tips, my answers barely got any views. Here is proof:

  • This answer was posted on February 21st and got only 12 views (as of March 4th).
  • This answer was posted on February 17th. Two people have shared it, but it only got 22 views (as of March 4th).
  • This answer was posted on January 12th. It has got 14 shares, 2 upvotes, and sadly 76 views only (as of March 4th).

I have many more examples to share, but you get the point.

Some say keep writing good answers, and people will eventually find and read your content.

I don’t mind diligently sharing my expertise and thoughts, but how long should I wait to get noticed?

How many answers should I post to finally reach hundreds of people?

After sharing over 686 posts and 70 answers, I realized that answering random questions is not the best strategy. It takes time and seldomly pays off.

However, I figured out which questions might give better output.

If you want to use Quora effectively and strategically, try these ideas instead.

Quora spaces are themed groups where people share questions, answers, and content on related topics.

For instance, I am a follower and a contributor to an SEO Quora space, with over 198k followers.

SEO Quora space

As a follower, I get notifications about new activities in this space. Besides, I can also see that at least seven posts are shared daily.

As a contributor, I can ask questions, share answers and posts without moderation! It basically means that the space admins trust me as a contributor and let me help the community.

Every answer I shared in Quora spaces reached over 100 people. Some even went viral and reached thousands of Quora users. Look at these examples:

  • Answer from February 23rd, the SEO space — 365 views, 4 upvotes, 1 share, and 2 comments.
  • Answer from February 28th, the SEO space — 196 views and 2 upvotes.
  • Answer from January 8th, the Google SEO space — 142 views and 1 share.

These are fresh and recently posted answers. However, even older answers from Quora spaces get similar results.

A coincidence? I don’t think so!

Now, have a look at how posts shared in Quora spaces perform:

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