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A touchdown on epic email






You need to switch effortlessly between offense and defense in any sport. In American football, you’ll even have two different coaches to handle both sets of players who draw up several plays to nullify the opposing team or pick holes in their defense.

That process of navigating the playing field could get tedious, if during each huddle before the scrimmage, the quarterback walks through the same plays repeatedly from start to finish – Not an efficient use of time. This is where the playbook, or in our case, automation, comes into play. The players practiced which replays are best for the particular moment in the game, so when the QB shouts out “electric watermelon warthog” (that could be a play, right?), the rest of the team knows what’s about to go down. Just like when a new prospect signs up to our mailing list, your platform of choice (hopefully Dotdigital) will trigger a welcome program to help usher the newbie down the funnel to a place where hopefully we deliver the right content to drive the conversions we require.

When we strategize correctly, we can create several plays or automation to fit any situation. For example, a post-purchase program, abandon cart or browse, even a lapsing program to ensure we don’t lose a customer we’ve worked hard to nurture. Each automation can almost be a living and breathing entity adjusting to fit the needs of any potential customer passing through it. Like each player changes their runs to counteract the opposition, specific decision nodes are set in place to determine whether or not another email is required as we learn from previously purchased products, online activity, and preferences updated.

Sometimes, however, a situation will arise with no scheduled automation. The skilled email marketer (the quarterback of the marketing team) will need to think on their feet and develop a new play to cater to the current obstacle we’re facing and employ the tools available to them. New email design with strategically placed CTA’s, adapted subject lines, SMS messages, and even live chat (but more about the last two a little later). Like when the pandemic hit, we needed to pivot and rethink our plan of action; having the right tools in our arsenal to adjust makes the job a lot easier. Dotdigital’s ability to help you manage your data to pinpoint the right messages to the right people at the right time on the proper channels makes thinking on the fly a less daunting task, a great addition to have sitting on your bench.

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