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Are You Ready To BTB (Break The Boring)?



Are You Ready To BTB (Break The Boring)?

*Jan Brady voice* Content, content, content!

There’s no shortage of content ideas or delivery forms, but there is a shortage of buyers’ attention. As prospects and customers alike tune out the digital noise and grow more particular about the assets they interact with, marketers need to fundamentally realign their strategies to break through buyers’ wariness.

Jay Baer will take the keynote stage at this year’s B2B Marketing Exchange, so it was only fitting we invited him on the #B2BMX Podcast to tease his session and provide insights into the current world of content. Throughout the pod, Baer sits down with Host Klaudia Tirico and discusses:

  • The evergreen lessons he’s learned throughout his decades-long journey in the B2B space;
  • The current state of content and the best ways to grab viewers’ attention;
  • How to be fun and lively in content marketing and break B2B’s “boring” stigma;
  • An inside look into his books, including the key takeaways and evolution of their principles;
  • The continued beneficial elements of virtual events; and
  • An analysis of the current state of tequila (yes, really!).

To grab your own glass of tequila with Baer in Scottsdale, take advantage of our exclusive #B2BMX Podcast code (B2BMXPOD) to receive 50% off your ticket. 

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