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Are Your Systems Aligned For Content Success?



Are Your Systems Aligned For Content Success?

Content is a critical part of marketing, as compelling, informative assets help generate more interest in a brand and drive more leads down the sales pipeline. But the content creation process is still hindered by lack of interdepartmental communication between sales and marketing. 

When Pam Didner takes the B2B Marketing Exchange stage in just two short weeks, she’ll focus on two key components of content: “How To Make The Most Of Content Marketing For Sales” and “How To Create A High-Performance Team Among Sales/Ops/Marketing.” During her sessions, Didner will tighten the lens on internal communication to help align teams on common goals and shed a light on how to map content to specific stages of the buyer’s journey.

With those “how-tos” in mind, Host Klaudia Tirico sat down with Didner for a preview into her sessions on the latest episode of the #B2BMX Podcast. Throughout their discussion, the duo touched on:

  • The evolution of the B2B industry, with an analysis of the fundamentals that remained and the prospect/buyer behaviors that changed;
  • The current state of sales enablement and why the line is starting to blur between sales and marketing;
  • The content assets that resonate most strongly with buyers and buying committees, along with how to make the most out of them;
  • Strategies for mapping content to different stages of the buyer’s journey; and
  • Much more!

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