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B2B Marketing Provides Design Automation For Non-Designers


on Provides Design Automation For Non-Designers understands the rules of good design. Through design automation, the solution enables users to add content to their slides and watch them automatically adapt to brand style. Instead of burning time lining up arrows or moving around text boxes, users can focus on the story they’re telling through their presentation.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Visual communication today is ubiquitous and design is more important than ever. Everybody wants to be a creator but not everybody is a skilled designer. Focused on democratizing design for non-designers, is designed to allow everyone to create beautiful content and save time in the process.

With integrations with, Slack and Dropbox, helps create strong presentations with good design, strong visuals and a certain level of professionalism from both the deck and the presenter.

Who It’s For helps more than 1 million business professionals, marketers and students create beautiful presentations through automated smart content. The platform solves the productivity and efficiency challenges around communications in the workforce, helping individuals and companies rethink their presentation, proposal and content creation process.

What It Solves gives B2B teams valuable time back by providing a platform for easy collaboration, smart templates to alleviate stress around design and an opportunity for teams to focus on more high-priority tasks in their roles.  

What Makes It Special has several differentiators from other presentation software, including its Team Plan. Teams can drop in content and watch slides adapt in real-time — no design skills needed. Every team can lay out ideas clearly and tell stories beautifully. Additionally, the Team plan provides companies with the ability to clearly brand their presentations with a centralized library, company theme, advanced collaboration and ability to share tech and a single sign-on authentication process.


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