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Cadbury 5 Star Is Giving People A Fool Proof Plan To Escape Valentine’s Day And Everyone’s Loving It



Cadbury 5 Star Is Giving People A Fool Proof Plan To Escape Valentine’s Day And Everyone’s Loving It

Amidst couples flooding Instagram with photos and brand logos turning into hearts, Valentine’s Day is hard to ignore. If expressing undying love for your significant other, coupled with teddies, roses and cheesy gifts isn’t your scene, we have the perfect idea to save you from the madness.

Please meet Cadbury 5 Star’s wild new masterpiece – ‘My cousin’s wedding island’.

If you just asked yourself if this island is real, it one hundred percent is! Cadbury 5 Star has taken over a remote island near Karnataka and created a paradise for those seeking refuge from Valentine’s Day. The name itself has been thought of to give you the perfect alibi for 14th February. When someone asks you about your plans for the day, you can simple say that you are going to your cousin’s wedding!

But what in the world will people do there?

This is the best part of this entire initiative – Nothing! As is true to the brand’s positioning, the island is designed to help you spend Valentine’s Day eating an unlimited supply of 5 Stars and doing absolutely nothing.

Now, most brands would have fancied up the island and called it a day. But Cadbury 5 Star has a way of taking things all the way.

Please meet the island’s very own embassy!

To make the entire experience fun and make it feel like a legit getaway, people can actually walk into this embassy and apply for a Visa. The Visa form in itself is as hilarious as it gets with questions like ‘Do you sometimes hum cheesy romantic songs when no one is watching?’

While normal embassies have metal detectors at the entrance, this embassy has a ‘Mush Detector’ to keep all things sappy away from the island. Talk about taking something seriously!

If you are a bunch of lazy folks like us, you can simply apply for a ‘Transit Visa’ and experience the peace and quiet of the island through a VR experience.

We absolutely love the thought and concept behind ‘My cousin’s wedding island‘. Here’s why the campaign works:


While the entire world is talking about love, here’s a brand giving you an escape for all the mushy cheesiness.

Making the magic REAL 

The campaign is true to the brand’s personality and is as out of the box as it can get. Where most brands would have stopped at making this a fictional island, Cadbury 5 Star legit went ahead and took over an island, it’s insane!

So if you want to stay away from all the sweet-nothings that will be doing the rounds this Valentine’s Day, you know what to do. See you there!

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