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Cadbury Silk Is Turning Ads Into Secret Messages Of Love This Valentine’s Day



Cadbury Silk Is Turning Ads Into Secret Messages Of Love This Valentine’s Day

Imagine Valentine’s Day. You just thought of that special someone, the colour red and chocolates. Yes, chocolates are a major part of Valentine’s Day, and Cadbury Silk is doing its bit to make the celebrations a lot more fun this year.

With everything else becoming digital in the last few years, how people express their love has also gone the digital way. But it has its limitations, and people can’t truly express everything they wish to. Cadbury Silk’s tech innovation encourages people to go the extra distance and make that special someone in their lives feel truly special on Valentine’s Day.

Wait hold on, Tech and Valentine’s Day?

Yes! Cadbury Silk leveraged the magic of QR codes on their specially designed Valentine’s Day packaging. Senders can prepare a secret message to their loved ones on the Cadbury Silk microsite, but the real magic happens on the receiver’s end.

Imagine if your special someone professed their love for you on a giant hoarding, or on the front-page of a newspaper. Would it make you blush? That’s precisely how this secret message gets delivered. Just whip out your phone, and see how the text on these ads dissolve to showcase that secret message, just for your eyes.

Cadbury Silk legit turned their ads into a medium for people to express their love.

What we really liked about the campaign was how the brand chose a very unique emotion – “Making your partner blush”

Brands have spoken about making your partner laugh, sweeping them off their feet, surprising them, but making someone blush is such an adorable, new way to approach the marketing communication. More importantly, the secret message of love which only one person can unlock while it sits there in plain sight, does exactly that – make the receiver blush.

Cadbury Silk has always had a strong association with Valentine’s Day. By giving users new experiences with innovations like these, the brand continues to be a strong favourite for those looking to indulge both in love and in chocolate.

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