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Clearbit Unveils New Data Enhancements For Activation Platform



Clearbit Unveils New Data Enhancements For Activation Platform

Clearbit’s data activation platform is designed to enable marketing, sales and operations teams to create demand, capture intent and accelerate revenue by revealing more of their hidden pipeline.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Clearbit’s deeper and richer contact data, coupled with new platform features, provides teams with a better understanding of who their customers are — and more power to activate that data instantly at key customer touch points across the entire customer lifecycle.

The new data enhancements also provide deeper contact data for more than 100 million contacts and 25% greater contact coverage. Combined with Clearbit’s global view of every company with a website, this gives B2B teams the precise, real-time intelligence they need to confidently target and tailor email campaigns and outbound sales for customer acquisition.

Who It’s For

Powered by Clearbit’s Reveal and Enrichment capabilities, the Clearbit platform is for go-to-market B2B teams who want the full picture on every company in their target market  and on their website  to unlock the true potential of their funnel.

What It Solves

Clearbit solves the relevance problem at the source. It aims to help B2B revenue teams prioritize the best kinds of leads — even before they fill out a form  and take them through the best conversion process with precise targeting and personalization.

What Makes It Special

Clearbit identifies “hidden pipeline” and instantly alerts sales teams when VIP prospects land on the site. It also uses engaged web visitor information to improve B2B ad targeting and is designed to sync visitor activity back to CRM and marketing automation platforms.


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San Francisco, CA

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