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Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform Aims To Unmask Anonymous Visitors, Monitor Intent



Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform Aims To Unmask Anonymous Visitors, Monitor Intent

Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform aims to help marketers discover, engage and convert their most valuable customers. The platform allows teams to define ideal companies in their target market and activate real-time intelligence to create precise target audiences, enrich CRM and MAP systems, personalize customer experiences and better target advertising and outreach campaigns.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Key components of the platform include:

  • Clearbit’s B2B data and enrichment features are designed to unmask anonymous website visitors and monitor intent, giving teams the full picture about every prospect, lead and customer;
  • New ideal prospect discovery capabilities that allow marketers to look past their existing funnel to find best-fit prospects in Clearbit’s database of every company with a website;
  • Powerful audience management that enables teams to create precise company segments based on their ICP, pull data from their CRM, MAP and CDPs, and build campaigns, triggers and alerts to activate those audiences across systems; and
  • Real-time integrations and APIs to empower teams to apply intelligence across their stack, whether it’s for more precisely targeting ads, personalizing content and conversations, shortening website forms or optimizing pipeline.

Who It’s For

Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform is available now for B2B marketing and revenue teams focused on creating demand, capturing intent and optimizing their pipeline. It’s already in use by companies such as Codility and Grafana Labs.

What It Solves

From the shift toward working from home and online buying to the reduced utility of cookies as identifiers, it’s increasingly challenging for B2B teams to understand their digital funnel. Clearbit’s platform is designed to provide real-time marketing intelligence and empowers teams to apply it throughout the customer journey.

What Makes It Special

The Data Activation Platform brings together Clearbit’s industry-leading B2B data (110+ attributes and billions of data signals enriched by AI) and flexible integrations with new capabilities to power frictionless, personalized customer experiences across the digital funnel.



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