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Communalytic Edu can now collect historical Reddit data



Communalytic Edu can now collect historical Reddit data

We are pleased to announce a major change to how Communalytic Edu handles requests to collect Reddit data.

New and existing users can now collect historical Reddit data (posts and meta data) via the Edu version of Communalytic. The Edu version is free to use and is designed for educators to teach and students to learn about social media data analytics and social network analysis. The change was made in response to feedback from students and professors who wanted certainty in their ability to collect enough relevant data in a timely manner for class assignments.

Communlaytic Edu was released last year as part of our work developing research tools, techniques, and visualization dashboards to support computational social science research on online communities and online discourse.

In addition to Reddit, Communalytic can also collect and analyze public data from other sources such as Twitter threads (public replies to any public tweet), CrowdTanlge (publicly available posts from Facebook and Instagram) and external CSV/JSON files. Communalytic uses advanced text and social network analysis techniques and external APIs to automatically pinpoint toxic and anti-social interactions, identify influencers, map shared interests, study the spread of misinformation, and detect signs of possible coordination among seemingly disparate actors.

For more information about Communalytic and instructions on how to use the platform for teaching or research, visit the Communalytic’s Tutorials page.

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