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Cultivating an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy



Cultivating an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

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It’s rare for top talent to search for job openings and submit cold applications. Instead, new opportunities usually come to them. 

That’s because smart recruiters have learned to apply marketing principles to their talent acquisition process, helping them fill and nurture robust talent pipelines they can hire from at a moment’s notice.

This approach, known as recruitment marketing, is how employers stay fully staffed and ahead of the pack despite an admittedly weird labor market. Here are the key components your talent team should have in place to make recruitment marketing work for them.

What is Recruitment Marketing? 

Recruitment marketing requires talent acquisition professionals to think like marketers, applying inbound and outbound marketing tactics to promote not just open positions, but their overall employer brand.

This approach widens the top of the recruitment funnel to attract anyone who may be interested in your brand or your job openings — not just people who have already applied. 

“People are looking for employers that offer good career opportunities and a proven track record of respecting and valuing their workforce,” says Chloé Rada, senior director of talent attraction ZoomInfo.

Recruitment marketing helps promote your business as a strong workplace, and can draw in top talent that you otherwise wouldn’t have connected with through traditional recruiting channels.

Why Invest in Recruitment Marketing?

Today’s hiring market presents significant challenges for companies looking to find and keep top talent. According to the Talent Board, 75% of companies found it difficult to hire in 2022.

If your talent acquisition team is feeling a similar squeeze, recruitment marketing makes hiring the right people an easier, more streamlined process. 

Shorten Time-to-Hire 

Great candidates are usually on and off the market in a matter of days — if they even enter the market at all. Shortening the…

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