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Event Marketing’s No. 1 Priority? Value.



Event Marketing’s No. 1 Priority? Value.

Event marketing underwent an impressive evolution over the past couple of years, especially as the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic forced marketers to rethink the medium and adapt it to the digital world. As in-person events start to return — hello, B2B Marketing Exchange! — organizations are struggling to determine the most successful event format: Virtual, in-person or hybrid?

For Aleksandra Panyukhina, an event’s delivery isn’t as important as the value it delivers. In the latest episode of the #B2BMX Podcast, Panyukhini sits down with Host Klaudia Tirico to dive into the new era of event marketing. As Panyukhina teases her upcoming #B2BMX session, the pair chat about:

  • Event marketing’s journey to the “cornerstone” of marketing strategies;
  • How to focus on the end goal and attendee takeaways when planning events;
  • The importance of planning events with an interactive mindset;
  • An overview of the most valuable event technologies and tools; and
  • Why marketing teams should track the event metrics that sales doesn’t use — such as post-event connections with sponsors — to inform future event planning.

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