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February 2022 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts



February 2022 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Since 2005 we’ve published thousands of articles, webinars, and podcast episodes to assist ecommerce merchants. What follows are the most popular articles that we published in February 2022. Articles from early in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2022

Since 2014 Senior Contributor Armando Roggio has published a monthly idea generator for content marketing. This March 2022 installment includes workshops, how-to, and more. Read more…

My Favorite SEO Keyword Tools

Keyword research is knowing what consumers are searching for and their words to describe those items. Contributor Ann Smarty lists her go-to tools, with explanations. Read more…

9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

How, exactly, should ecommerce marketers use influencers? Blog posts, social media, videos, other? We explain nine types of proven campaigns. Read more…

Charts: B2B Buyers Prefer Ecommerce

Observers sometimes claim B2B buyers prefer in-person purchases to online. Recent surveys, however, dispel that notion resoundingly. We explain in four charts. Read more…

13 Augmented Reality Examples from Retailers, Brands

Augmented reality allows consumers to visualize the appearance of products on their bodies, in their homes, and more. Apple’s ARKit has made the technology accessible. Read more…

LiveRecover Founder Sells Company, Buys OrderBump

Dennis Hegstad co-founded LiveRecover, an SMS app, in 2018. He sold the company in 2021. “I became bored,” he said. So he purchased OrderBump, a Shopify app for product upsells. Read more…

Stop Using Domain Authority for SEO Backlinks

SEOs have devised metrics, such as “domain authority,” to assess a site for backlink solicitations. Those metrics have nothing to do with Google, however. That’s the problem. Read more…

21 Google Workplace Apps

Google Workspace is a comprehensive, cloud-based suite of apps to jumpstart productivity. Here’s our rundown of Google’s apps in Workspace and their purpose. Read more…

Ecommerce Product Releases: February 15, 2022

Twice a month we publish a rundown of new products and services that could interest merchants. This installment includes mobile payments, B2B ecommerce, augmented reality, and more. Read more…

Apparel Brands Face Environmental Scrutiny

The global apparel industry is among the most environmentally damaging. Eighty percent of clothing fiber ends up in landfills. Consumers are taking notice. Read more…

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