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Gorillaz Treats Fans at Home to AR-Enhanced Coachella Show



Gorillaz Treats Fans at Home to AR-Enhanced Coachella Show

Augmented reality made an appearance at the recent Coachella music festival in California, as the band Gorillaz used AR technology to enhance their performance for home viewers.

The AR tech was featured during Gorillaz’s performance of “Skinny Ape.” Throughout the song, YouTube viewers could watch larger-than-life versions of the band’s virtual avatars sitting or standing on top of the real-world Coachella stage.

According to VRScout, Coachella partnered with Epic Games and Coachella’s extended reality producer Eric Wagliardo to create the AR experience for YouTube.

Sam Schoonover, innovation lead at Coachella, said (via VRScout), “Bringing the Gorillaz characters to life is the best possible use case we could have imagined for Unreal Engine and AR in the Coachella YouTube livestream. We’re excited to continue enabling artists to extend their performances in new and engaging ways.”

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