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Growth Acceleration with Sendoso Sending and ActiveCampaign



Growth Acceleration with Sendoso Sending and ActiveCampaign

Growth Acceleration with Sendoso Sending & ActiveCampaign 

Has there ever been a moment where you needed a personalized gift? Or maybe branded merchandise or an eGift card to give to a prospect or customer to create that lasting impression?

This is where Sendoso comes in. As the leading Sending Platform, Sendoso makes it possible to send personalized gifts, branded merchandise, virtual experiences, eGifts, and other memorable touchpoints at scale. 

With the right Sending Platform, businesses are able to foster deeper and more authentic relationships with their customers. This strategy proves effective when you’re looking to make a lasting impression. A recent Coresight Research study found over 80% of company senders say gifts have improved relationships with employees or clients, with 48% saying sending delivered a substantial benefit. 

The power behind a Sending Platform comes from the fully automated fulfillment and logistics service that assures quality, on-time delivery. 

No more searching for the perfect items, packing boxes, mailing items, managing inventory, or maintaining a marketing closet. Let a dedicated team of creative curators and warehouse experts handle everything for you.

In particular, onboarding new customers successfully is key to product adoption and retention. Leave a lasting impression on your new customer with a packaged welcome kit of branded merchandise and educational materials to get started with your company. This is how modern companies are building customer loyalty and increasing retention. Thoughtful gifts that stay top of mind, making renewals a no-brainer.

Then there are those situations where things were out of your control. Something was fudged. Someone’s upset. It may remedy a less than stellar customer experience or support issue by sending a $50 eGift as a thank you for your customer’s feedback and understanding, turning a negative experience into a positive one.

People are looking for more than just a polished B2B brand. They expect bold personalities. They demand values that align with their own. And they will only work with the brands that connect with them.

Customers who have implemented Sendoso into their sales process report a 4x increase in response rates, 5x increase in close rates, and a more than 200% return on campaign investment. Companies have also claimed 20+ hours are saved with every campaign.

Being connected means using creativity to build better relationships. How you engage with your audience says more about your brand than anything else, and not all gifts are created equal. A gift is not enough. It’s being thoughtful and meaningful with the act of giving that captures attention, creates connection, and communicates your values. 

Relationships matter. 

We believe authentic relationships are achievable in a cluttered, digital world.

Let’s take a look at FireMon, a Network Security customer of Sendoso’s. With so many in-person events being canceled due to the pandemic, the marketing team needed to brainstorm new ways to connect with CISOs, directors, network engineers, and security architects across healthcare, finance, energy, and other industries where compliance is a priority.

The team brainstormed and arrived at a clever way to connect with prospects by launching “Sips & Security,” a series of virtual cocktail classes targeting high-value security professionals at established companies.

The invitation was to attend a fun, one-hour virtual event of cocktails and trivia, hosted by professional mixologist and A Bar Above co-founder Chris Tunstall. Upon registering, prospects received a Crafted Taste kit to make an old-fashioned cocktail, sent through Sendoso’s Sending Platform.

As you might have suspected, such a unique event idea turned out to be a hit! FireMon saw a 57% conversion rate from registrant to attendee—higher than any other event managed at FireMon.

As a whole, the “Sips & Security,” series drove a whopping $1.8M in net new pipeline and influenced over $4M in the overall pipeline — surpassing their ROI goals by 570%.

“They were the most effective events of all time,” says Zoey Morck from Firemon. “When you find the right experience for your target base, make the whole experience about them, and follow up strong and fast — that’s what really closes the gap created by conference cancellations.” 

By incorporating Sendoso into your customer experience platform, such as ActiveCampaign, view snapshots from open opportunities, closed-won opportunities, and ROI from specific send campaigns — a handy resource for times you may need to demonstrate performance to key stakeholders.

Many companies are moving to more of an account-based approach to reduce spend. Marketers and salespersons are having to get more creative about how they’re attracting the attention of their respective targets. This is where gifting fits in nicely.

By adding Sendoso into your ActiveCampaign automations, you can automate gift sending at the chosen touchpoint and under the right conditions. Think of it as an “if this happens… Then send this gift…” type of automated process. 

Also, individual gifts can be sent on a 1:1 basis by installing our Sendoso Chrome Extension. Sendoso activity loads into the ActiveCampaign Contact page and pulls in the relevant information for 1:1 sends. Connect your account and you’ll be ready to get going. 

One way to consider adding gifting to your workflow might be to create a trigger that immediately sends a welcome package to your new customer once the sales field is marked “closed.”

Stand out with new ways of reaching prospects and customers. 

With a Sending Platform like Sendoso, you’ll be able to help your business speed up close times, increase conversion percentages, raise retention rates, and create loyal customers and advocates. Personalizing gift-giving creates positive ROI and significantly saves time in the process.

Above all else, creating memorable moments for prospects and customers are what will make the difference in future purchases, renewals, and brand appeal. It’s a better experience for them, and your business.

Get started with ActiveCampaign & Sendoso today. 

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