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How Amplience Leveraged ABX To Boost Business Development Visibility



How Amplience Leveraged ABX To Boost Business Development Visibility

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Amplience, a digital experience platform, was seeking greater visibility into its global partner-fueled sales funnel. But that wasn’t the only roadblock: The company also needed better insights into the performance of their inbound and outbound funnels.

The Challenge

Since most of the SaaS-based software firm’s deals are executed in collaboration with a partner, its extensive partner network is integral to building the business. However, each partner has a different approach to data collection, integrity and normalization.

The company was struggling to easily roll up account data from disjointed metrics on several global clients and prospects. In addition, it needed a way to measure the effectiveness of all the different go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Most of the process relied on ad-hoc conversations around the status of individual accounts, which hampered the ability to build a cohesive strategy.

Amplience was also seeking to improve the productivity of its sales and business development teams. Unfortunately, its Salesforce platform didn’t have a good mechanism for capturing pre-qualification interactions, so the dialogue and activity were sometimes lost. This was an important barrier to overcome, as a lack of visibility into pre-qualification interactions made it challenging to move the opportunity along the funnel.

The company also needed more metrics on demand generation campaign performance, as it currently wasn’t generating insights into the efforts that were yielding results.

The Solution

David Rich, Amplience’s Chief Marketing Officer, was determined to address these issues when he joinedthe company in early 2022. As a result, Amplience partnered with B2B Fusion, a sales and marketing execution firm, to implement systems and strategies to improve its business developmentefforts.

“I knew coming in that account-based experiences (ABX) were going to be an important channel for us, but we had no formal process and no appropriate…

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