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How Flipkart Leveraged Sima Aunty’s Positioning To Create A Stellar Campaign



How Flipkart Leveraged Sima Aunty’s Positioning To Create A Stellar Campaign

Flipkart is an e-commerce brand. Sima Taparia is a match-maker. Their paths ideally shouldn’t cross, but Flipkart made it happen in a campaign backed by a truly relevant insight.

So, what was the insight?

We are obsessed with our phones. We start our day with all the notifications we missed while we slept. We spend an inordinate amount of time on it through the day, for both work and leisure. We end our day scrolling on our phones endlessly until we eventually fall asleep.

Our phones are pretty much like our ‘life partners’. We can’t live without them, and we are completely reliant on them to merely function like human beings.

And then came the big idea!

Given how important a role our phones play in our lives, it is only logical for there to be an expert to find the perfect match for us. Getting a phone is a commitment after all. We will be spending all our time with it, so it should be one that is made for YOU.

And who better than finding the perfect match than popular matchmaker Sima Taparia and Flipkart Mobiles. In fact, choosing her as the face of the campaign was a ‘perfect match’ in itself.

Let’s get the audience excited

With a relatable insight, and an impactful idea, the brand got ready to take it to the audience, and dropped this teaser that got everyone talking. After seeing the video, everyone had one single thought, is Flipkart getting into the online dating space?

Not only did the teaser get everyone guessing but also created engaging conversations on social media with popular brands.

After convincing everyone (almost) that Flipkart might indeed be the next app where you are looking for a special someone, the brand finally made the big reveal.

Your phone = Your life partner


When you combine research with creativity, you get a successful marketing campaign. Flipkart did exactly that. First, an insight was discovered, and a synergy was created with a very creative thought process. With this well crafted campaign, Flipkart positioned itself as the go-to platform for smartphones. A place where users can find the right ‘partner’ based on their needs and requirements.

The stars truly aligned for Flipkart on this one!

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