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How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Uses Blogging to Power Its Growth Engine



Tequia Burt Steve Kearns LinkedIn

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Tequia Burt Steve Kearns LinkedIn

It was with great pleasure for me to wrap up my 2022 Content Marketing World experience with a session featuring two exceptional marketers that I’ve known for many years*: Steve Kearns (LinkedIn Senior Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media) and Tequia Burt (Editor in Chief LinkedIn Ads Blog) with a topic that is near and dear: How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is Using the Blog to Power its Growth Engine

In an age of social media with Instagram, TikTok and even LinkedIn, does blogging still matter? For LinkedIn, the answer is absolutely yes.

The LinkedIn Marketing Blog acts as the external ‘voice’ of the Marketing Solutions business and is a critical education and conversion vehicle for B2B marketers looking to excel with LinkedIn advertising. Publishing content five times a week, the blog comprises more than 175,000 global subscribers and 2.5 million annual page views. It also serves as a key campaign activation tool for LMS marketing, sales and product organizations, spotlighting business news, LinkedIn advertising best practices and more.

Sitting at the center of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions content marketing operations, the blog has sourced millions of dollars in bookings in FY21, up 80% over FY20.

Reaching mostly senior marketing executives, the LinkedIn Marketing Blog has experienced phenomenal growth over the past 5 years. Six years ago LinkedIn had about 100k followers on overall social channels and 1,000 on the blog. Today LinkedIn has 4.7m followers and 175k on the blog.

With Steve and Tequia coming from the media world, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions runs their team like a media company. Steve is the publisher making sure business objectives are achieved, Tequia is the Editor in Chief making sure the content is top quality. And Alex Morales is the Distribution Lead making sure blog reach is achieved. Each of those responsibilities creates a point of tension, but they work together to create a really productive growth engine.

As part of…

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