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How Stack Moxie Saved Its Marketing Team 50 Hours Of Manual Effort Per Week



How Stack Moxie Saved Its Marketing Team 50 Hours Of Manual Effort Per Week

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Stack Moxie helps automate testing and monitoring across the sales and marketing tech stacks. M.H. Lines, Moxie Stack’s CEO, explained that its customers often missed the real-time notification of testing success or failure, and when they did notice, they only logged into the platform when they received a failure notification.

To help increase engagement and promote more consistent monitoring, Moxie Stack’s marketing team envisioned a customer success campaign that delivered a single view of weekly statistics about the product activity to each user — specifically the account admin.

The Challenge

As a product-led growth company with legacy marketing automation, Stack Moxie faced challenges in executing its weekly digest. Compiling and pulling in product activity data for all users from an organization became a mammoth, manual task for its lean marketing team. Additional challenges included:

  • Bottlenecks due to dependency on developers; and
  • Friction in personalizing emails and scaling up its manual effort to cater to Moxie Stack’s growing customer database.

To show the value of Moxie Stack’s product, the marketing team spent a lot of time identifying the right product events and extracting relevant data. That challenge came with its own complexities, such as dependency on engineering resources to get the data from a product analytics tool or writing SQL queries that fetched data from a database table.

The company was also struggling to:

  • Identify users from the same organization or team;
  • Target the account admins; and
  • Personalize the weekly or monthly metrics to each account.

One person from Stack Moxie’s marketing team would spend nearly 50 hours every month compiling a list of all organizations from its database, dedupe and extract a final list, match and group users by the organization, fetch their email addresses and run a compilation to match the org IDs in product statistics with the group IDs to generate the metrics matrix.


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