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How This One Tool Helps Me Write Better Twitter Threads



How This One Tool Helps Me Write Better Twitter Threads

As a writer, there are ways for us to syndicate our content. The reason why it is important is that our readers are everywhere. Therefore, we compete for the reader’s attention.

And if you start thinking like a content creator, your stories can be repurposed as a video, a podcast, or a Twitter thread.

What is a Twitter thread?

Photo by Daddy Mohlala on Unsplash

Think of it as a long-form tweet. Of course, you all know that a tweet started with only 140 characters, and later it was expanded to 280 characters, but there are reasons why tweets need to be longer. The beauty of Twitter is that it is a place for conversations.

And there are times that we have to expand our thoughts beyond the 280 character limit. This is where a Twitter thread becomes useful.

How to create a Twitter thread?

Step 1

Click the Tweet button to draft a new Tweet.

Step 2

To add another Tweet(s), click the highlighted plus icon (the icon will highlight once you have entered in text).
Note: If you go over the character limit, the text that is over the limit will be highlighted for easier editing before you post.

Step 3

To delete any of your Tweets, click the delete button

Step 4

When you have finished adding all the Tweets you’d like included in your thread, click the Tweet all button to post.

Go head to the Twitter help page to learn more.

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