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How to Come Up with Compelling B2B Blog Topics



How to Come Up with Compelling B2B Blog Topics

There is a misconception that B2B blog posts are serious, technical, and dry. But they don’t have to be. B2B audiences want expert advice, and you can deliver compelling content. You won’t only engage your audience—you’ll build trust and ROI.

Content is an Important Part of Any B2B Marketing Strategy

Content, like blogs, forms an essential part of any B2B marketing strategy. It helps build trust, authority, and credibility with audiences, making it a must in today’s digital landscape.

Remember, B2B audiences are savvy and do their research. They want content like blogs that engage them and give them value and benefit. If you’re struggling with creating you could always work with an agency and get B2B content marketing specialists to develop custom-made blogs for your audience.

But, if you’re set on trying yourself, there are tactics you can try.

Coming Up with Compelling B2B Blog Topics

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about creating B2B blog topics. Here is a list of best practices.

First Understand What Your B2B Audience Wants

This is the first step and the foundation for creating your B2B blog topics. Without understanding what your B2B audience wants, you’ll likely produce blogs with no real purpose or benefit. To understand your audience, you must conduct great market and audience research—demographics, psychographics, buyer personas, etc.—that help build a picture of who they are. Through this picture, you get to know their pain points, needs, and wants.

From here, you have a launching pad for creating content. Some B2B brands still make the mistake of creating topics that interest them but are of no interest to their audience. Change gears and put your audience first, so you can create customer-centric content that speaks to them. For every blog topic created, ask: What’s the purpose of this? How will it benefit my customer?

Insider Tip – Go straight to your audience—LinkedIn is a gold mine for B2B—and find out what topics interest them. Conduct a short survey or poll to find out.

Derive Inspiration from B2C

B2B and B2C blog posts are siblings, and siblings borrow from each other. But don’t just flat-out copy what’s being done in B2C. Instead, you should put on your creativity hat and use tactics that are working well for B2C blog posts.

These might include listicles, great visuals, casual voice, relatable language, humor, and different blog formats. You’ll need to be strategic and see which of these will suit your B2B topics.

B2C is very human-focused, so there is more emotion. B2B, traditionally at least, has been more logical (analytical and technical). But things are changing as audiences in the B2B space are increasingly looking for a more human-centered approach to B2B. This is where emotion comes in. So, incorporate more emotion (in your language, tone, visuals) for your B2B blogs.

Insider Tip – Check out some B2C blogs, study them, and see what you can borrow for your B2B blogging.

Be More Personable

Taking a more human-centered approach in your B2B blogs makes your company more personable. This is all about injecting personality and speaking directly to your readers in an engaging way that makes them want to read your blogs. Use storytelling, visuals, and humor when appropriate.

You still need to come across as an expert in your field and be professional. But have some wiggle room where you drop the corporate speak. You can also use a conversational tone to speak to your readers. It can make you more relatable, and it’s a great way to address their pain points and offer up your solution.

Don’t forget to address your audience with “you” content instead of “me” content. That way, you have a great virtual conversation with them through your blogs.

Insider Tip – Go through your blog post section by section and see if you’ve got more “me/we” than “you.” If you do, you can replace it. Still use “me/we/I” when needed, of course, but don’t overdo it.

Educate Your B2B Audience

B2B blogs should have an educational component as readers go to blogs to learn something about a topic. Blogs have evolved into a highly valued and respectful form of content. That’s why just about every brand on the planet produces them. They see the value of educating their audiences through them, and collecting valuable SEO generated by them.

As a B2B organization, you want to be educating your audience by providing them with interesting, factual, and valuable information that gives them some type of benefit. Essentially, you’re providing solutions to their problems or at least presenting a perspective on an issue. B2B content benefits from a robust level of depth.

Insider Tip – Consider doing a mini-series or a series of blogs related to a pillar topic you wish to educate your audience on. It can help with acquiring a following.

Some Great Tools to Help You Come Up with B2B Blog Topics

We’ve put together a table of some great tools to use for coming up with B2B blog topics. So, make a copy of this table, and keep it handy for when you’re doing blog topics.

Blog Topic Ideation Topic Buckets/ Themes Systems to Use (Brainstorming & Tracking) Other
Buzzsumo Interactive content like quizzes & audio Excel spreadsheet Do a checklist to keep track
Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator Industry trends Live Word document where changes are in real-time Identify the gaps & things no one is talking about in your field
Impacts Blog Title Generator Interview a thought leader or person of interest Google Doc where changes are in real-time Repurpose content
E.g., create blog topics from a whitepaper or ebook
Google’s People Also Ask Feature (in the SERP results) Highlight a client or vendor Trello
Use social media posts to help with blog ideas
Answer The Public Answer a frequently asked question or address a concern from social media Hold a blog brainstorming session with the team once a month
Use Google Analytics to see high performing blog topics Showcase a behind the scenes Asana Review and measure your blogs every 3-6 months
Quora & Reddit Showcase a new product or service Miro (virtual whiteboard) At the end of the year, prepare a list of 20 blog topics for the new year. Always keep the needs of your audience in mind—not yours

You should have a lot of ideas now to help you with creating compelling B2B blog topics. For more help and guidance with everything B2B marketing, branding, and content creation, book a time with our B2B content marketing experts. We will take your B2B to the next level.

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