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How to drive revenue from abandoned carts



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Make it easy for the customer

Ease is so important in a world where everyone is short on time. It seems obvious, but make sure your abandoned cart campaigns include the products the customer has abandoned. You can do this easily by integrating your store or website with Dotdigital.

A simple customer journey

You want the customer journey to have as few steps as possible, so ensuring that the user can click-through and the item is already in their cart is ideal, or at least on the right page and ready to go. If you’re offering free shipping or other discount incentive, set it up so that this is auto-applied too, and the user doesn’t need to copy and paste codes.

SMS marketing

Remember email isn’t the only channel at your disposal. SMS marketing can cut through the noise of a busy inbox to grab customers’ attention. This example from denim brand Good American names the product to jog the shopper’s memory, offers 10% off, and links through to checkout. Keeping it super succinct and to the point.

Highlight perks

The downside of online shopping? You can’t fully examine the product or try it on. So returns policies are super important. If you have a strong returns policy, make sure this is communicated in your abandoned cart campaigns.

Beauty brand Paula’s Choice have a block at the end of their email highlighting their benefits such as a money back guarantee, free shipping, free consultations, and free recycling. Highlighting this enforces value through increased ease for the customer, aligned ethical values, plus the money back guarantee negates any feelings of uncertainty for a new customer.

Other perks to highlight include your variety of payment options, and for those impatient shoppers (guilty), shouting about your fast delivery options can also help close the sale.

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