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How To Maximize The Power Of Newsletters



How To Maximize The Power Of Newsletters

Marketing Podcast with Russell Henneberry

Russel Henneberry, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Russell Heneberry. He is a renowned digital marketing expert, digital marketing consultant, speaker, and co-author of Digital Marketing for Dummies

He’s the Founder of theCLIKK, an email newsletter about digital marketing. Russ also consults and trains employees of companies through his Digital Advisor program.  

Key Takeaway:

Newsletters have made a comeback by combining email marketing with content marketing and direct response promotion. By building trust, providing education, and offering entertainment, newsletters have the power to nurture subscribers and connect with them by creating engaging content, and effective calls to action. It is important to have a voice to attract and maintain subscribers depending on the niche of your business and not rely completely on AI to generate content and to maintain a human touch.

Questions I ask Russell Henneberry:

  • [01:52] How have you seen newsletters evolve? What do you see happening in the space in general?
  • [03:40] There are different newsletters now like on LinkedIn or behind paywalls. Do you see those as approaches that will be with us for a long time, or do you think the classic newsletter approach is still valid today?
  • [04:53] One thing is getting subscribers, but then keeping them because it’s worth reading is another one. What’s your editorial strategy?
  • [07:00] How do you differentiate your content based on somebody who is in a potential buying situation?
  • [09:42] Was there a point in time when you decided to use newsletters to fit your business model or you started it as a normal standard digital marketing tactic?
  • [11:10] What are some ways for monetizing newsletters?
  • [14:58] What are some of the metrics that show you’re doing things right?
  • [17:02] What approach might you recommend to somebody to build a list?
  • [20:20] Do you feel like you have a different relationship as an advertiser because of the relationship with your readers?
  • [21:34] How has AI impacted content production?

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