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How to run Linkedin Ads in 2023: A Definitive Guide to Advertising on Linkedin



How to run Linkedin Ads in 2023:   A Definitive Guide to Advertising on Linkedin

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Unsure whether Linkedin advertising is a good fit for your business? What makes a good Linekdin ad? Well, if you’re a B2B business then you should absolutely consider Linkedin ads. 

Linkedin marketing has become an essential part of how B2B businesses grow their revenue. 

As reported by Linkedin’s newsroom, they currently have 706 Million members across 200+ countries. 

Their user base is made up of mainly professionals and decision-makers from companies of all sizes. There are also more than 50 million-plus companies on Linkedin. 

It is the most used platform by Fortune 500 companies. 

As a Marketer, what truly differentiates Linkedin advertising from other platforms is their targeting ability. 

You are able to target companies to senior decision-makers to job titles and functions. 

There’s no other platform that comes close to this targeting capabilities. Linkedin advertising is a no-brainer for B2B advertisers. 

If you want to learn how to advertise on Linkedin, then you’re in the right place! 

Over the next 8 chapters, you will learn everything from creating a Linkedin campaign, choosing the right objective and even measuring ROI. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

Why You Should Advertise on Linkedin Now

Not long ago, many thought that Linkedin was just another job site. 

The way people use Linkedin today is very different. If you go into your Linkedin feed now, you barely see others posting about jobs. 

Many users are now using Linkedin as a place to learn from leaders/experts and improve their careers. 

Just take a look at this statistic by Linkedin: 

  • 15x more engagement on content posts than jobs
  • 9 Billion content impressions a week
  • 48% increase in engaged feed time. 
15x more engagement |  9 Billion content impressions a week | 1200 posts shared each minute | +48 increase in engaged feed time | +60 YoY Growth of in feed viral actions

Linkedin has transformed from just being a “jobs portal” into a daily news destination. 

Their user base is impressive too. Here’s a breakdown of the audience size in each region. 

Out of the 690 Million members, 70% of the users are outside US.

Linkedin is also growing at more than 2 members…

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