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Interactive Content = Marketing of the Future [Saksham Sharda] Ep #77



Interactive Content = Marketing of the Future [Saksham Sharda] Ep #77

Will interactive content be the marketing of the future? Interactive content is changing marketing. As more and more content floods communication channels, organizations need to find a way to stand out with their marketing messages. Interactive content is one way to do this, but historically it has been difficult and expensive to create.

Outgrow Is a content platform where users can create interactive content without needing to code. How can interactive content benefit B2B marketers? Creative Director and CIO Saksham Sharda shares how you can embrace the trends and remain agile with your marketing in this episode of The Content Callout!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:07] Learn more about Saksham Sharda
  • [3:03] Rapidfire tips for marketers
  • [4:48] Don’t treat the market too seriously
  • [9:55] How to get good with a no-code tool
  • [12:07] What tools are your competitors using?
  • [18:20] Will interactive tools be a necessity?
  • [20:46] Overcoming choice paralysis
  • [29:10] Outgrow’s tools for 2022
  • [30:49] How to connect with Saksham

Easily Create Engaging Interactive Content

Saksham advises that your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be expensive. Using a no-code tool like Outgrow helps you cut your reliance on developers and lower your marketing spend. When you understand a trend taking over the industry, you can edit a template and make something new in 5–10 minutes.

To market their interactive content builder, Outgrow made an interactive campaign called, “Which 2020 disaster are you?” Were you a locust? Earthquake? Forest fire? It showed users how they could use an interactive tool to build something similar for their audiences.

These interactive experiences are a great way to get someone into your funnel. It launched at #1 on Product Hunt and took them barely any time to make. It took advantage of current market trends so it captured an audience.

Interactive content helps you embrace creativity in your marketing

Subscribing to the newsletters of your competitors shows you what they think the market is about. It’s not so important what tool your competitor is using. What is? The creative idea behind the tool. Who were they aiming for? What were they trying to achieve? When you combine that knowledge with your own knowledge you’ll come up with something better or more interesting.

Saksham jokes that “All SaaS softwares have byzantine pricing plans.” It’s impossible to understand how their pricing structures are calculated. The easiest thing a SaaS software can do is provide an interactive tool (quiz, chatbot, etc.) that helps them determine which plan is best for their needs.

As a B2B company, it’s hard to show the value of your service—but what if you use an ROI calculator? An ROI calculator can ask a few questions and show your clients with a graph that shows how they benefit from your services. You can make an ROI calculator using Outgrow, and it’s applicable to any business.

Will interactive tools be a necessity?

Saksham fully believes that interactive tools will be a necessary part of content marketing. There is too much noise in the SaaS industry. People don’t have time for static content explaining why you should use their software. A quiz or simple chatbot can funnel the traffic to where it needs to go is the way of the future.

For example, Tesla’s website uses a quiz to guide you to customize a car. A quiz simply is an interactive question/answer content piece that can give a customized product or service to a customer at a customized price. This is something everyone could use but historically has been expensive to create.

A no-code tool makes the barrier to entry much lower. On Outgrow specifically, there are thousands of templates to choose from. Saksham and the team at Outgrow are currently offering Content Callout listeners a one-month FREE trial. Check it out!

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