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Interview: BT’s Adam Mills on Taking the Digital Consumer Intelligence Assessment



Interview: BT’s Adam Mills on Taking the Digital Consumer Intelligence Assessment

Adam’s tips for maturing in DCI

Adam offered some fascinating insights into BT’s DCI maturity journey, as well as how other organizations can improve.

Firstly, he highlights the danger in complacency. “It’s a cycle,” he says. “You might be considered mature now but you can become immature very quickly if you don’t keep up.”

Secondly, and linked to complacency, is the value in continuous iteration. While Maturity Model offers a four-stage framework, it’s important to recognize that progress can happen within a stage. “There is always something to learn, always something new out there, there is always someone doing something completely different,” he says. While the Assessment can give you a framework, learning from industry peers is invaluable, and Adam has been an early and enthusiastic adopter of the Brandwatch Community.

The Assessment has inspired Adam to think more long-term about insights at BT. “I think what’s really interesting is how our data plays together and how we can start stitching data sources and data pools directly together,” he says. “Being able to use Brandwatch data to accent our NPS or our data analytics, it gets really interesting. If we can start treating it as one data pool and one data lake all of a sudden we have it here at our fingertips across the board.” 

Your DCI maturity journey

If you’re interested in understanding where your organization is and where it can go with DCI, we encourage you to take the DCI Assessment.

You can also read more about the DCI Maturity Model and learn from and connect with other digital consumer intelligence professionals in the Brandwatch Community.

Special thanks to Adam for speaking to us about his experiences.

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