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Introducing The Ukraine-Russian Dashboard 



Introducing The Ukraine-Russian Dashboard 

As the Russia invasion of Ukraine continues, people around the world are trying to make sense of this fast-unfolding tragedy. However, accessing accurate and trustworthy information about an active conflict is a minefield littered with mis- and disinformation, myths, and conspiracy theories.

To help policy makers and the public find accurate information about the conflict and stem the tide of misinformation, we are pleased to announce the release of the Dashboard. The dashboard is an information management tool for monitoring online misinformation and disinformation about the Ukraine-Russian conflict. It tracks and visualizes debunked Ukraine-Russian conflict related claims from hundreds of trusted fact-checkers based around the world, such as AFP, Reuters, and others. The dashboard is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

About the Project Team

Anatoliy Gruzd
Professor and Canada Research Chair, Director of Research, Social Media Lab
Philip Mai
Director of Business and Communications, Social Media Lab

Data source

The data for the dashboard comes from the Google Fact Check Tools API and is collected using a custom script developed by the Lab. Once collected, we process and translate the data before displaying it via the dashboard.

How to use the ConflictMisinfo Dashboard

  1. Use the drop-down menu to narrow your search parameters or click on any of the data points on the various interactive charts.
  2. Click on the URLs in the table to learn more about each fact-checked claim.
  3. To reset the previously selected filter(s), click on the little back arrow button in the upper left corner of the chart.
  4. To reset the entire dashboard, use the ‘reload page’ button in your browser.

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