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Jennifer Leaver On Taking ABM To ABX



Jennifer Leaver On Taking ABM To ABX

Every marketer knows that the key to any successful account-based experience (ABX) program is getting sales onboard. But that’s easier said than done. 

During the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, Jennifer Leaver, Senior Global ABM Manager for Bazaarvoice (and B2B Innovator Award winner!) will share her story and insights on how to launch and scale an ABM program from the ground up. We caught up with Jennifer ahead of #B2BMX to learn more about why she’s passionate about this topic and to get a closer look at her upcoming session. 


B2B Marketing Exchange: Why are you excited to return to in-person events?  

Jennifer Leaver: To interact with other humans… in person! While Zoom calls have been a good workaround and we’ve all done a great job of adapting to the virtual work and event life, there’s still nothing like the excitement you get when you’re watching and interacting with a speaker who is on stage right in front of you. The energy is different, you can see the wheels turning in the heads of your peers sitting next to you and the conversations and collaboration that happen during and between sessions at in-person events are second-to-none. Plus, networking and after-parties are always something I look forward to as well.  



B2BMX: What have you learned from your experiences with virtual events that you will bring with you back to in-person/hybrid?  

Leaver: When you’re speaking virtually, it’s sometimes very challenging to see if your audience is engaged — and I’m sure we are all experiencing some form of Zoom fatigue at this point. So, I’ve found some creative ways to keep my audience engaged and excited throughout my sessions that I look forward to incorporating into in-person events.   



B2BMX: What are you looking forward to learning at B2BMX?  

Leaver: All things ABM related – I always look forward to learning what other ABMers are doing in the market to understand what’s working, what isn’t and what we should be looking forward to in terms of new tech and strategies others are exploring. Other topics of interest include GTM, product-led growth, bridging the gap between brand and demand and RevOps.  



B2BMX: Can you give us a sneak peek into your session?  

Leaver: My session is all about taking ABM to ABX and, most importantly, getting your sales team on board. I’ll share insights on how to launch an ABM program from the ground up, how to scale with tech, enable your sales team (and get them asking for more) and discuss how to identify the metrics that matter. When done right, all these motions will transform ABM’s role in your company from a pure marketing play into a strategic approach your entire RevOrg is a part of.  



B2BMX: Why are you passionate about this topic?    

Leaver: I’m passionate about ABM/ABX because, when done right, it can help force functional alignment and collaboration between marketing, sales and customer success. It breaks down the silos so teams can start operating as one. I also love seeing the results of an ABX program. Any ABM practitioner knows these programs take time to produce results and we have to look beyond the traditional vanity metrics to prove and show the impact ABX creates. AMB/ABX is also not a one-size-fits-all approach. That keeps every campaign and account I work on interesting and allows me to come into the project with a fresh perspective. So, in short, the strategy, research and outcomes of ABM/ABX make a huge impact on business outcomes, and I love the challenges that come with this strategic approach. 



B2BMX: What’s on your playlist?  

Leaver: This is a tough one to answer and it totally depends on my mood. Recently I’ve been listening to the following playlists on Pandora: SG Lewis Radio, Queen, Led Zeppelin Radio, Alabama Shakes radio, Gary Clark Jr. radio, Sound Providers and De La Soul radio.  



B2BMX: What was your go-to take-out meal/restaurant during the pandemic?  

Leaver: Torchy’s Taco’s – an Austin, Texas staple!  



B2BMX: What shows are you bingeing right now?  

Leaver: We re-watched The Sopranos and we just wrapped up Ted Lasso, Yellowstone and The Morning Show recently.  



B2BMX: Where is one place you want to travel that you’ve never been?  

Leaver: Costa Rica and Ireland. 


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