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Key takeaways for businesses from our cross-channel marketing report



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Have you checked out our latest report out of Australia – The future of cross-channel marketing? If not, you are missing out on some serious insights on changing consumer behavior and their expectations from retailers.

The report covers trends and insights across four main areas: consumer psychology, brand awareness, the decision buying process, and customer loyalty. It details how the adoption of different marketing channels and tools has changed over time, reveals the gap between consumer expectations and experiences, and provides essential strategies to help retailers’ future-proof their businesses – all whilst navigating the unpredictable COVID-19 landscape.

That’s not all, the report also highlights critical data points relating to the Australian shopper’s customer journey, including:

• Preferred marketing channels for communications
• Factors contributing to unsubscribe rates and cart abandonment
• Expectations around personalization in marketing communications vs. reality
• Importance of brand values
• The significance of loyalty and how shoppers like to be rewarded for it

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