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LVMH India Gave These Inspiring Individuals A Global Platform



LVMH India Gave These Inspiring Individuals A Global Platform

Amidst a series of Women’s Day campaigns on the internet this week, here’s a stellar initiative that has caught everyone’s eye. LVMH India has released a photo book featuring nine honest and riveting stories of inspiring individuals who identify themselves as she/her.

We love the fact that the initiative includes not just those who are women by birth, but also all those individuals who identify themselves as women. It’s a refreshing approach to truly highlight the strength and resilience of women across the spectrum.

The photo book titled ‘She/Her’ has been put together by the LVMH India team, and features the journeys and experiences of inspiring individuals who have shaped their lives with their strong will. They are being given a global platform to voice their stories, and the photo books will be made available in LVMH stores across Paris. This is the first instance of such a photo book being sent from any Asian country for LVMH.

The people covered in this initiative have lived such diverse lives, there’s something to take away from each of their narratives.

For instance, meet Urmi, who is a journalist and a researcher turned author of the acclaimed book – “After I Was Raped”, and winner of UN Laadli Award.

Or meet Suparnaa, who is a UN awardee and educates women belonging to the lower economic sections of the society on menstrual hygiene.

Here’s Yash, who is a drag artist and started the first transgender salon in Delhi.

There are inspiring individuals like these all over India, and by giving them voice, LVMH is empowering women all over the globe to do everything they desire to do.

Look around, there are women in your own lives, and probably your own house, who have stellar tales to tell, and those same experiences can inspire someone who is looking for that spark.

As the world reads their stories, and their voices travel across continents, we couldn’t be more proud about this being an initiative from India.



Creative Concept and Strategy: Oindrila Malik
Photographer and Creative Director: Kuldeep Rohilla
Stylist and Art Director: Jahnvi Bansal
PR: Anika Parekh

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