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Make ActiveCampaign Your Own with Custom Objects.



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Your business is unique — from your customers’ needs to the apps you use. Custom objects let you build powerful workflows that create dynamic, automated experiences based on any set of the unique data you have in your connected apps — like meetings, support tickets, events, and more.

Every ActiveCampaign account comes with a set of standard objects. These standard objects include Contacts, Deals, and Accounts. With these objects, you have associated standard fields and custom fields. These fields let you capture additional information about your contacts, deals, and accounts so you can manage your business data.  

If you need additional objects outside of what we offer, you can import custom objects from a supported app integration or create your own if you are an Enterprise customer.  This kind of flexibility lets you model and manage your data in a way that reflects your unique business. 

And the best part is, you don’t need to do anything to access custom objects — they’re built into your favorite apps and integrations.

Which ActiveCampaign integrations now let you drive more action through custom objects?

Use your valuable CRM data to its full potential

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Use your valuable CRM data to its full potential by integrating your ActiveCampaign and Salesforce data. With the enhanced integration supported by custom objects you can create or update an Opportunity in Salesforce and automatically:

  • Kick off a series of internal alerts or tasks
  • Trigger an onboarding message sequence
  • Send a message to the contact within the Opportunity, and more.

Learn more about the Salesforce integration here. 

Sync Ticket and Requester data from Zendesk to ActiveCampaign and trigger personalized communications

custom object integration - zendesk support image

Automatically sync prospect information like website visits, email opens, open support tickets and form fills between ActiveCampaign and Zendesk Support so your customer never gets a sales call while they’re in the middle of resolving a support issue. With the Zendesk Support custom object you can:  

  • Update contacts with details from new tickets or when a ticket changes
  • Easily automate the creation of Zendesk tickets 

Learn more about the Zendesk Support integration here.

Accelerate your sales process with automated Calendly meeting scheduling

custom object integration - Calendly image

See all your important event details, like event type, date and time, location, meeting details, status, and a link to go to Calendly directly to view all event details. The enhanced integration lets you trigger automations when Calendly events are created or updated. 

Learn more about the Calendly integration here. 

Custom objects give you a complete view of every customer and their touchpoints by unifying data from the apps you use the most. As your favorite apps are enhanced with custom objects, integrations will become even better. You’ll be able to build more powerful and unique automations across your entire technology stack using data specific to your business 

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