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Mediafly's Revenue360 Aims To Reveal Insights To Content Engagement



Mediafly's Revenue360 Aims To Reveal Insights To Content Engagement

Revenue360 — by sales enablement and content management software provider Mediafly — aims to provide sales teams with a holistic view of deal pipeline by providing robust analytics on content engagement alongside the buyer intent and sales activity data that most other intelligence solutions offer. Mediafly is the first sales enablement solution to feature revenue intelligence capabilities, according to the company.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Your company’s sales forecast influences everything from hiring and resource allocation to revenue projections and production capacity decisions. Yet, 80% of sales organizations miss their sales forecast by 25% or more.

As buyers become increasingly digital, capturing only CRM data or qualitative information from sales meetings is not enough to determine opportunity health. Revenue360 is designed to aggregate sales activity, buyer intent and multichannel content engagement data in one visual dashboard with prescriptive next steps so revenue teams can accurately gauge deal and opportunity health, improve forecasting and drive deal wins.

Who It’s For

Mediafly’s Revenue360 solution integrates with a user’s existing sales and marketing tech stack to offer revenue teams — including marketing, sales and post-sales — with an accurate, 360-degree view of account and opportunity health.  

What It Solves

Aggregating data from siloed technologies, Mediafly’s Revenue360 aims to help revenue leaders accurately forecast. Revenue360 goes beyond partial insights obtained in meetings to capture multichannel account activity and content engagement for a holistic view of the deal pipeline and prescriptive next steps.

What Makes It Special

While other revenue intelligence solutions capture sales activity and intent data, Mediafly is the only solution to combine that data with the content engagement data required to understand if a deal will close.


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