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Mindtickle Acquires Enable Us To Unify Sales & Buyer Enablement



Mindtickle Acquires Enable Us To Unify Sales & Buyer Enablement

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Mindtickle, a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform, acquired Enable Us, a Digital Sales Room and buyer enablement solution provider, to help sales reps collaborate digitally with buyers using personalized content experiences.

The Digital Sales Room provides a singular link that buyers can access at any point in their prospect or customer journey. There, sales team members can curate and share relevant content throughout the sales process. Through the acquisition, sellers can now access marketing and enablement-sanctioned content from Mindtickle’s Asset Hub and Sales Content Management system, as well as post call recordings.

“This acquisition represents the perfect combination of the respective leaders in sales enablement and buyer enablement coming together,” said Krishna Depura, CEO and Co-founder of Mindtickle, in a statement. “Through our partnership with Enable Us, we saw joint customers increase their content use by nearly 200%. Also, deals where reps used mutual action plans with champions had 3X higher win rates than deals where they were not used. Enable Us’ buyer enablement solutions ensure that behaviors learned and the content utilized get applied in real-world buyer interactions. In that spirit, the addition of Enable Us into our comprehensive portfolio of revenue productivity solutions will provide a ‘better together’ value proposition for both Mindtickle and Enable Us customers alike.”

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