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New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features Seek To Uncover New Opportunities



New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features Seek To Uncover New Opportunities

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s new search experience, advanced integrations with a seller’s CRM and the new homepage offers sellers a more integrated experience to uncover new opportunities and grow their businesses.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The new search experience is designed to shorten the time to find ideal leads at new or existing accounts by automatically directing sellers to an intuitive and collapsible view that shows all available filters. The new “At-Risk Opportunities” list surfaces a report of contacts who have open opportunities, generated by data in a seller’s CRM directly within Sales Navigator. CRM cards will also be added to the Account Pages and Contact Pages, minimizing the need to toggle between platforms. The new Homepage includes a refreshed Alerts Feed, Priority Accounts section and a newly created “Bookmarked Alerts” tab.

Who It’s For

The new search experience, deeper CRM connection and homepage is designed for B2B sales professionals across all industries.

What It Solves

As virtual selling continues to grow in importance, it is table stakes for salespeople to be able pinpoint the right leads and accounts quickly and efficiently to succeed.

What Makes It Special

From identifying and building relationships with buyers to tracking noteworthy news on prospects, Sales Navigator is helping more than a million sellers around the world uncover opportunities and grow their businesses, relying on the intelligence that LinkedIn’s data uniquely provides.


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