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On the Go – Mobile Suite delivering support for Community Inbox



On the Go – Mobile Suite delivering support for Community Inbox

Feeds from the new Community Inbox are now visible in Mobile Suite.

Emplifi’s latest development is designed to allow Mobile Suite to be compatible with our new Community Inbox. 

If you are already using the new Community Inbox from your desktop, you can now find all the present feeds and your custom feeds in the mobile version. And it doesn’t end here!

We have also added other useful functionalities that you can already find in the Inbox! For example, we have included all the features that can help you find messages in a few seconds, such as all the sort by options, the toggle to hide or show all the done/completed messages, and the full-text search supporting the boolean (And, Or) operators.

No video stays under your radar!

We’ve extended our Listening module to cover YouTube.

For a long time, YouTube has been playing an important role as a source for market research for businesses and brands all over the world. 

Users can choose whether to listen to the entire YouTube database in Emplifi or select channels to exclude. Users can also monitor channels on top of the Socialbakers data package or consider only the ones they want.

At this point, it is possible to listen to the content of videos’ titles and their descriptions. Unfortunately, listening to comments is not possible now.

If you are interested in learning more about our new LSN source,  our customer success manager will be happy to advise you and supply more information.

Paid data made its way into Emplifi API – connector available

Use delivered data programmatically and enjoy the automation peace of mind. 

Our latest iteration allows Emplifi users who want Emplifi data displayed in their business intelligence tools, such as Google data -Tableau- many others, to access it in an automated way.

Connection to our API provides users with access to the data points available in our suite, now including the Paid data and allowing social Marketing Managers to build their own visualizations of paid metrics either by programming or using a pre-built Google Data Studio connector that requires no programming skills.

If you are interested in obtaining API access, be it for a direct connection or to use a connector, please contact your customer success manager for more information.

Wondering about the impact of your brand’s mentions on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube?

In response to our customers’ demands and product evolution plan, we’re enhancing the Emplifi listening module to show the listening mentions’ impact clearly.

The Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube authors are now displayed together with their number of followers and potential impressions to better understand the impact of their mentions.

Check the Top authors by potential impressions widget, to see which author had the most significant impact across platforms – Use it to learn which author is the most influential!

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