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Q&A With Emmy Award Winner & #B2BMX Speaker Tony Gnau



Q&A With Emmy Award Winner & #B2BMX Speaker Tony Gnau

B2B Marketing Exchange: Why are you excited to return to in-person events?  

Tony Gnau: I think online events are great, but they just can’t touch a good in-person event. There’s a certain energy that technology can’t replicate. Speakers feel it, attendees feel it, and I think we all appreciate it that much more now that we’ve been away from it for so long.  



B2BMX: What have you learned from your experiences with virtual events that you will bring with you back to in-person/hybrid?  

Gnau: I’m a video guy, so we put together some pretty awesome virtual presentations. It really got me thinking about my live presentations and how to up the production value. One thing I’ll definitely be doing is looking at ways to pair music with certain parts of my content. 



B2BMX: What are you looking forward to learning at B2BMX? 

Gnau: Jay Baer is always a draw for me. Anything he’s talking about, I’ll be paying attention to. I’m also looking forward to checking out the breakouts. We’ve produced some great content over the years for our own business, so I’ll be looking for sessions where I can learn about how we can do our best to maximize it all. 


B2BMX: Can you give us a sneak peek into your session?  

Gnau: There’s a lot of video content being produced these days, but many videos miss the mark. Either the video itself isn’t very good, or companies/organizations fail to get the most out of something great it has produced. The good news is there are things marketers can do to help produce better videos and make sure they’re being used to their fullest potential. That’s what we’re going to cover during my session. 



B2BMX: Why are you passionate about this topic?    

Gnau: I just love visual storytelling. It’s something I have been playing with since I was a kid, and the fact that I get to do it for a living is amazing. Being able to tap into people’s emotions and make them feel something is a lot of fun and extremely gratifying. 



B2BMX: What’s on your playlist?  

Gnau: I listen regularly to The Herd with Colin Cowherd (sports), the Office Ladies podcast and lately a lot of 80’s music. 



B2BMX: What was your go-to take-out meal/restaurant during the pandemic?  

Gnau: Tacos. 



B2BMX: What shows are you bingeing right now?  

Gnau: I signed up for Amazon Prime prior to Christmas and have been binge watching Bosch and Fleabag. I’m also a total Star Wars geek, so you know I’m watching Boba Fett on Disney+.  


B2BMX: Where is one place you want to travel that you’ve never been?  

Gnau: Italy. I would love to eat my way through the country. 

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