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Randy Frisch: “Marketing Is Not Just About Messaging”



Randy Frisch: “Marketing Is Not Just About Messaging”

Experiences are powerful. Good or bad, impactful experiences can stay with you forever. In our personal lives, they shape who we are and the things we choose to do. In our professional lives, they determine how we work and who we trust. So, what do you do if your customer is having a bad experience with your company, and it threatens to sink the relationship? 

During his session at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, Uberflip’s Randy Frisch will share one of his most impactful personal experiences and the lessons he’s learned that apply to life, business and the martech industry. We caught up with Frisch to learn more about his thoughts on customer experience (CX) and in-person events. 


B2B Marketing Exchange: Why are you excited to return to in-person? 

Randy Frisch: There is absolutely nothing like being face-to-face with people — the interaction you get in terms of being able to read their expression, excitement or even their disappointment when you finally get to try on the messaging that you’ve been holding onto for a while. 

Earlier this year, I got to speak at Content Marketing World in Cleveland and it was really fun. For me, it felt great to be up on a stage and not have to stand still in front of my zoom camera for the 45-minute session. I got to move around, try my jokes and actually hear if people laughed or if there were crickets — whichever one it was. It’s great feedback. I think that’s the key from an in-person event — we get feedback that we just can’t get in a virtual setting.  


B2BMX: What have you learned from your experience with virtual events that you’ll bring to in-person hybrid? 

Frisch: Being forced into virtual events over the past couple of years, we’ve all gotten better at follow up. When someone takes in any component of content at an event it can be a lot to absorb, and what we became accustomed to is the opportunity to follow up at an in-person event. We hope that if we speak in a session, they’ll come by our booth. We hope that if they come by our booth, that they’ll go to our website if they take our swag. But ultimately, it’s all about a proper follow up and proper nurture. I hope we manage to continue that regardless of in person or hybrid. 


B2BMX: What are you looking forward to learning at B2BMX?  

Frisch: I’m excited to hear how people are talking about ABM. While ABM can be a buzzword, more and more I’m hearing that people are wondering if ABM is the right term to capture the stages of identifying, attracting and engaging with their buyers. Lately, I’ve actually heard that people are debating if they still want ABM in their job titles. Although they’re bought into ABM, they view it as one of the strategies versus the entire way we do marketing. The approach to marketing in general is to engage people more. And I’m curious how people talk about this more this year at B2BMX. 


B2BMX: Can you give us a sneak peek into your session?  

Frisch: This is an all-new session about the way CX is informing the buyers’ journey more and more. It’s not one interaction. It’s a series of different experiences and elements that help pull us from one stage to the next. These are the ideas that I’ll be covering in my session.  


B2BMX: Why are you passionate about this topic? 

Frisch: My passion here really stems from real life experiences with brands and life experiences, where the way in which someone engages with you, whether you’ve had a good experience or a bad determines your chances of returning to that brand in the future. I think that’s something we all have to be mindful of in that marketing is not just about messaging. It’s about how we address concerns and excitement at every stage. 


B2BMX: What’s on your playlist? 

Frisch: My playlist is most likely what my kids are listening to.  


B2BMX: What was your go-to take out meal restaurant during the pandemic? 

Frisch: I became extremely invested in plant-based burgers — maybe too obsessed about which restaurant made the best beyond meat or impossible burger. This became a hot topic in my house. 


B2BMX: What shows are you binging right now? 

Frisch: I am in the midst of finishing maybe the best show ever, Succession. It’s heavy, but amazing. And then I balance it with some Curb Your Enthusiasm just to let out a laugh. 


B2BMX: Where is one place you want to travel that you’ve never been before?  

Frisch: Honestly, right now I would travel anywhere. The pandemic has had us so stuck to our homes that I would take any beach anywhere in the world. If I could truly choose, I would love more than ever to expose my kids to the experience that I had when I was in my twenties, traveling Australia. It’s a different culture. It’s a different part of the world. And I think opening up to different cultures has never been more important in my mind than it has been in the last couple of years.   

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