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Super Bowl ads 2022: what they can tell us about marketing in the future?



Super Bowl Ads 2022

1. Sustainability is top of the agenda

The Super Bowl has always been a prime spot for car advertising and this year was no different.  

However, what was different was the fact every car advertised was electric. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the automotive industry over the past couple of years will know there has been a major shift in focus; many have set clear-cut objectives to end the production of gas-guzzling cars in favor of electricity-powered vehicles.  

We’ve seen this commitment cemented in place this year.  

There has been something of a reckoning in recent years around the subject of sustainability. There’s no hiding away from the effects of global warming today. And we all have a part to play, especially big automotive brands.  

General Motors don’t shy away from the subject at hand. Starring Mike Meyers as the one and only Dr. Evil as he takes over GM’s HQ, he and his loyal sidekicks decide to continue to make the brand’s new electric vehicles so they can save the world. Of course, in standard Dr. Evil fashion, it’s so they can ultimately take over the world, but the message is still there.  

The electric car company, Polestar, was named as the top-performing commercial of the Super Bowl. In it, it took aim as ‘greenwashing’ marketing tactics.  

This is a message very close to our hearts here at Dotdigital, so it’s amazing to see huge brands getting onboard and championing the cause. It’s all about being open, honest, and having the integrity to do what you say.  

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