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The Biggest Restaurant Industry Trends for 2022



The Biggest Restaurant Industry Trends for 2022

1. Cost-conscious consumers consider eating out a treat

In 2021, we saw restaurants continue to consume their fair share of online conversation. However, compared to the same time last year, the volume of conversation dropped by 50%.

We turned to the data to pinpoint some of the reasoning behind this decline and narrowed the issue down to three main categories.

Dining out was perceived as not worth the cost: Some consumers coming out of the pandemic perceived prices at restaurants to be too expensive.

Smart gadgets supercharged the pandemic kitchen: With dining out canceled and limited to one’s kitchen during the lockdowns, consumers were inspired to seek out recipes and new, exciting kitchen gadgets to help those recipes come to life. Lockdowns might be over, but the pandemic kitchen with all the associated gadgetry is still a great dining option.

Changing expectations around customer experience: Whether it’s food quality that wasn’t on par with expectations or a lack of restaurant staff that slowed down the service, consumers who didn’t get the experience they sought questioned whether it made sense to dine out at all.

As the financial impact of the pandemic continues to weigh on the public, consumers are thinking more about what’s in it for them when it comes to outsourcing their meals. 

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