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The Roadmap To Revenue Enablement



The Roadmap To Revenue Enablement

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1nateToday’s customer lifecycle spans an array of interactions with disparate company functions, which risks misaligned messaging and more friction in the customer experience. To increase revenue velocity, sales enablement leaders must evolve their function to revenue enablement.

It’s not that sales enablement isn’t already doing great things for sales: It works with CSOs and other sales leaders to identify what behavioral changes are needed to achieve organizational goals. Enablement leaders help assess the gaps in skills and support and then curate the right enablement resources needed to change seller behaviors.

But today’s customer doesn’t only engage with our sellers; buyers are engaging with numerous channels from different commercial functions and revenue generating customer-facing roles. These roles are often supported with well-intentioned but siloed enablement activities and metrics. For example, 62% of sales leaders describe their sales and marketing functions as defining qualified leads differently. The modern customer needs a stronger, coordinated effort between commercial functions.

Herein lies the promise of revenue enablement, which expands enablement efforts from supporting buyers and sellers to enabling revenue — more specifically, enabling multiple customer-facing, revenue generating team members.

By 2026, 60% of enablement functions will be tasked with enabling all customer-facing, revenue-generating roles. Here’s how sales organizations can get started on their roadmap to revenue enablement.

Why Revenue Enablement — & Why Now

Enablement happens in all parts of a commercial organization and its revenue generating functions, but it often in its own silo. Each customer-facing, revenue-generating role has their own tools, processes and systems, which creates conflict in the end-to-end customer experience. Conflict leads to frustration, which negatively impacts commercial results and internal team productivity.

Revenue enablement…

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